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"Luck of the Draw"
Written by Don Swayne

Luck of the Draw
Don's 2003 Archery Buck
I had no chance of drawing a 2003 Bookcliff's mule deer buck archery tag in Utah. Or, so I thought. They only allow 6 nonresident tags and I had only 2 bonus points. But the one random tag available ended up in my mailbox. This was to be something special!

The friend I wanted to hunt with did not have the same luck, so I went it alone hoping to hook up with some other luck tag holders. Well, as things worked out I met up with several other hunters that made my hunt a success in every way imaginable.

First, I met Shane Yates through a hunting information service. We talked before the hunt and realized we had scouted the same areas. We hoped to hook up in the hunting area. His hunting partner, Mike Powell took a real nice buck opening morning, his first with a bow. Nice Job!

A few days later, Mike ran me down to show me two outstanding deer on a ridge. I guess it was not meant to be. The next day however, I was with Shane and Mike when Shane took his deer, a real beauty. Well, I was happy for both of them and I appreciated hunting with them both.

Luck of the Draw
Mike's Big Buck
Thinking about how much fun it was hunting with friends, I was approaching a truck on the road. I slowed down and began to visit with this guy. His name was BJ. He asked if I had seen any bears, as his season opened soon. I told him with what I knew. After wishing each other good luck, we went our respective ways.

A few hours later, I saw BJ scouting again. I approached him and he quickly let me know where he had seen a bachelor group of bucks bedded down. They were very stalkable in a roadless area with a good foot trail above them. Very grateful, I headed that way.

I parked, got my stuff together, and headed down the trail. To my amazement the bucks were exactly where he said they would be. I quickly assessed them, trying to determine the largest. They were standing now, about six of them. One was extremely wide and heavy horned, but not presenting a shot. Suddenly another appeared, large and wide in the shadows. I quickly drew and sent a shaft through his vitals. I watched as he and the others crashed off. Wow! That was awesome! Glad I ran into this BJ guy!

Luck of the Draw
Shane's Archery Buck
I owe BJ even more thanks. He unselfishly helped me drag this 300lb brute up the ridge and to the truck. Thanks again B. J.

Just a closing note: The next time you meet a truck on the road in your hunting area; don't assume that your hunt will be somehow less enjoyable with the added presence of other hunters. Stop and visit. You just might be meeting your BJ!

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Click-a-Pic ... Details & Bigger Photos

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