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"Stalking Skills Pay Off"
Photo provided by: Jared Bloomgren

Here's a dandy North Dakota archery buck that Jared Bloomgren took this year.
Jared writes, "It was October 8th as I set up on a vantage point to glass for bucks bedded in the nooks and crannies of the badlands. After glassing for a short time I spotted this buck bedded under a ledge. The wind was in my favor and the buck was in a great spot for me to get well within bow range! I had completed a stalk on a buck in the same exact spot earlier in the season and new exactly what to expect this time. About an hour and a half later I was within 20 yards of the buck. I could not see him yet so I kept sneaking closer. At 10 yards I could see the top of his rack. My plan was to wait for him to stand so I could take my shot. After standing there for two hours and watching his rack move around I decided to get closer and try for a shot while he was still bedded. At a distant of 10 feet I thought the hunt was about over. The buck stood and offered a shot! He didnít even know I was that close! After a short burst of energy from the buck he was down for good. This is the closest that I have ever shot a deer! It was amazing to be that close to this buck for that long, just watching him in his environment. I became one with this buck!"

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