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"A Fun Idaho Muley Hunt"
Photo provided by: Bud Stromberg

Bud Stromberg writes, "The bucks below are not monsters, but they are real trophies to these 3. The first is of Cheyenne's first buck. Her dad was on deployment in Iraq and her parents were kind enough to allow me to take her hunting for the first time. What a day it turned out to be, we had been seeing some small bucks all day opening day and she wanted to harvest all of them, but I made her hold off in hopes of finding one that would beat the first one her dad had taken. Well, late in the afternoon we found this buck and she made a great shot at about 150 yards to harvest this respectable 4x4 (not bad for the first buck).

(2nd photo) Brandy (Mike's girl friend) took her buck on the third morning of the season, a very nice 4x4. (this was also her first year of hunting and her first buck). Brandy harvested her buck using Mike's 30-06 about 150 yards from where Cheyenne harvested her buck. She made a great shot from 175 yards. Mike did a great job of teaching her to shoot and acting as her guide, he is one of the luckiest people I know.

(lower photo) Mike harvested his buck on the first morning of the season. It's not as big as Brandy's and she won't let him forget it, nor will the rest of the family, but it is his biggest buck to date. What Mike could not see from his vantage point was the 26 inch 4x4 that was just over a little rise from the deer he harvested, maybe next year. Mike's buck was harvested within 200 yards of Brandy's buck."

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