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"Ashley's Great Luck"
Photo provided by: Aaron Bland

Aaron Bland sent us these pictures of the fine success that his sister, Ashley Bland, has had over the past few years.

Aaron writes, "My sister is VERY LUCKY when it comes to getting drawn!! The second time she puts in for a very good antelope tag, she of course gets drawn....To add on to that, during the hunt she see's the antelope pictured....She ends up shooting it and dropping it in its tracks...It gross scored about 80 inches and went 77 inches net...

Then her first year to put in for elk she gets drawn....VERY SUPRISINGLY, she doesn't get anything.....But then the next year she puts in she gets drawn again...This time she finds an elk at about 50 yards and puts it down within about 40-60 yards....

As for deer, she has drawn 3 times and killed 2 pretty good bucks...(one coues and one muley <the OK muley isn't pictured>)....the third deer she killed makes my whole family jealous!!!!!! She shot this deer from about 7 yards and it didn't go far.....

She is a very good hunter, but man SHE IS VERY LUCKY!!!!!"

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