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"Mark's Deep-Forked Montana Buck"
Photo provided by: Mark Connot

Mark Connot writes, "I shot this deer on Halloween day, 2003 in central Montana. If brow tines are counted, it is a six by seven (actually a seven by seven because the right brow tine is split). If brow tines are not counted it is a 5x6. It is 25 inches wide and gross scores about 190. I took it on the last day of a five day hunt after passing up dozens of smaller bucks. I had made up my mind to shoot a fat doe for meat at the last minute, if I didnít find a buck bigger than the nice 4-points that I had shot the previous two years. He isnít as wide or heavy as some bucks that I have shot in the past. But his extremely deep forks and long tines and ok mass (about 18 inches per side) really appeal to me.
He was with a bachelor group when I found him and one of the other bucks in the herd would have also been a shooter for me. I shot him with a 270 using 130 grain partition handloads. I actually saw this buck in 2002, after I shot my 4-point that year. At that time, he was within a half mile of where I shot him in 2003. His g2 and g3 tines were not nearly as long in 2002, but I was impressed with him even then."

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