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"Rare White Buck for Brynn - Contest Winner!"
Photo provided by: Cheri Ohl

WINNER - Most Unique Buck
Cheri wins a DVD, T-shirt, Vortex Bino Harness, Vortex Bino-Loc, Vortex Lens Pen & Vortex Hat

Cheri Ohl sent us these photos of the unusual buck that her 13 year old niece, Brynn Schroeder, took this past season. We don't typically post photos of smaller bucks, but because this one is quite unique, we made an exception.

Cheri first laid eyes on this weird buck in October of 2007 in her favorite spot, but was unable to get a shot. When 2008 rolled around, they were again back in Cheri's favorite hunting spot. It was the last day they could hunt. Cheri, her husband, Andy, and Brynn all headed out to try and find a buck for Brynn. Luck was on their side as Cheri spotted the odd white buck she had seen the prior year. Brynn setup for the shot and made it count, dropping the once-in-a-lifetime trophy with a 194 yard shot.

The question now is.....Is it a cross between a Mule Deer and Fallow Deer or an unusual white Mule Deer?

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