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"Awesome Success for the Stephens"
Photo provided by: Nate Stephens

After an eight year drought, Nate Stephens and his dad both took two trophy bucks each. Nate took both his bucks with his bow. Dad took one of his with his rifle and the other with a muzzleloader.

Nate writes:
1st buck (top photo) is my first archery animal. Shot at 30 yards. 6 days of hunting. Shot him knealing down in the sage brush while he was feeding out.
2nd (2nd photo) is my Idaho buck scored 165, 29 inches wide. Shot at 18 yards after he peeked around a fence line from me at 11 yards sneeking down a small wash with his head down. 4 days of hunting.
3rd (3rd photo) is dad's Utah muzzleloader, scored 159. 3 days of hunting. 134 yard shot while he was sparing with another buck.
4th (bottom photo) is dad's Idaho rifle, 28 inches, scored 161. 1 day of hunting, 170 yard shot on a dead run, dad's a great shot.

I watched every one of these deer grow their antlers since July. I have hours of video footage and pictures of them all. Each buck took a few days of hunting and finding, except the last one, we jumped him out of his bed at 80 yards in the buck brush opening morning of the rifle hunt. Dad's Idaho rifle buck was 160 yards and closing, coming right to me on the opening day of the archery, but his buddy who was a 170 class buck had a 6th sense inspiration and they took off. It's been 8 years since either one of us has killed a deer and we are pretty picky, a little scouting went a long way for us this year!

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