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"Tracy's Washington Buck"
Photo provided by: Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett writes, "My wife, Tracy, was hunting on some property in eastern Washington with deep canyons and plenty of water and food! The property owner takes only three hunters out a year, which is a farmer guided hunt and he usually has your 3-point buck already picked out! The hunters have only one day to hunt and he usually keeps them far away from the monster muley bucks that inhabit this 5k acre ranch. The day this buck was harvested, we had seen 3 200 bucks feeding in the bottom of the deepest canyon, which is about 350 yards deep and over 650 yards wide. We hunted all day with no descend shot until the last 20 minutes of day light left and this buck was across this canyon bedded down behind some brush at 421 yards! Tracy has never shot that far in her life and she wanted to know if her Ruger .243 would reach that far? I told her the only way to know is to get set up and try! I bought her a Nikon monarch BDC scope last Christmas and she waited ten minutes when the buck finally stood up and Tracy hit the buck behind the shoulder and the buck rolled down 180 yards to the bottom of the canyon where we recovered her buck!"

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