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"25-Inch Utah Archery Buck"
Photo provided by: Derrick Gallegos

Derrick Gallegos, aka Derrick621, writes, "I shot this buck the second night of the hunt still hunting the pines, just moving slow and glassing. I came up over a lip and this buck stood up and took a couple of bounces and it looked like he just disappeared into the pines. I was with my friends daughter at the time. I told her lets just stay here and see if he will try and circle and come back to his bed, so I sat down, and knocked an arrow. Not even a minute later I saw movement in the pines in front of me. I put up my binoculars and saw 3 different sets of racks coming back down the hill. Soon after a 20 inch 4-point stepped out of the trees perfectly broadside. I was getting ready to draw when I saw another buck walk out right behind him. It was this big 3 point!

I decided I would rather shoot the 3 point, he was heavier and noticeably wider. I drew my bow and the buck stopped right behind some brush.... Now I'm at full draw for over a minute just waiting for the buck to take one more step. Finally the buck stepped out... I did not have time to range the buck, so I put my 40 yard pin right behind the shoulder of the buck and let it fly!! I heard the arrow smack the buck and my friends daughter saying "you hit him. I saw the arrow go right behind the shoulder!" We waited about 5 minutes and I decided to at least go up to where I hit him and mark it so I wouldn't forget... It was very thick where he was standing. I ranged where I had hit him and it was 45 yards. I then headed up to where I had hit him. I found my arrow covered in blood and bubbles, so I knew it was a lung shot. I got on the radio to others in our party and told them the news and they started heading our way.

We waited almost 2 hours before we started tracking.... the longest 2 hours of my life!! Finally help showed up and we started tracking. We only tracked about 75 yards and the buck started heading straight down hill, so you know he was hurting. All of a sudden my friend said, "There he is!!" I looked down the hill only to see the beautiful velvet rack that I have been waiting a long time for. The buck is 25 wide and 25 tall with decent mass. I couldn't be happier. I forgot to mention the 3rd buck was also about a 20 inch 4 point. This buck was taken on the Manti."

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