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"Fine First Muley for Joshua"
Photo provided by: Joshua South

Joshua South writes, "I have been hunting big game for 5 years now and have had mixed results. My first elk season I had a cow elk at 40 yards and she had no idea I was there. I reached for my bolt to put a round in the chamber and there was no bolt, it was still in my gun case 1 mile away. Last year I got my first shot at a muley, it was a 300 yard downhill shot with my heart racing 100 miles per hour. I did not take my time, I did not focus and clear my mind, I did not squeeze the trigger, I did not get my first muley. This year with a renewed focus and determination I was up at 3:00am, climbed the mile straight up hill to my meadow, sat inside a blown down tree and waited for the sun to come up. It was only 15-30 minutes into legal shooting light when I saw something 100 yards away. Looking through my binoculars I saw 3 does slowly working along a trail to my right. Just as I settled down, I heard crashing at the top of the meadow. I slowly turned my head and saw this brute of a deer charging to the middle of the meadow. He stopped 40 yards from me and was shaking his head left and right. He scraped the ground and had his full attention on the 3 does. This time when I reached for my bolt to cycle a round, it was in place. This time I breathed deep to slow my heart, I took my time, focused, cleared my mind, and I squeezed that trigger...I got my first muley. The 165 grain bullet broke his back and dropped him in his tracks. The smile is still on my face. A public land muley like this in Colorado is unbelievable. He will always be my best deer because nothing beats your first."

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