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"Tall & Heavy Trophy for Neil"
Photo provided by: Neil Gorrill

Neil Gorrill writes, "On opening morning of the 2009 mule deer season, my brother and I headed out before the sun was even up. As the morning progressed, we were starting to see a lot of other hunters out and about in the area. We started to see that everything was getting pushed hard the first morning. We finished the day of hunting seeing lots of deer moving, but couldn't get close enough to get a shot, or even a good look at them.

As the second day hit of mule deer season and my brother was back at work, I decided to head out after school by myself thinking about hitting this coulee up that is kind of hiding away. I told my dad that I was going hunting and asked him if he wanted to come for a drive. As dad and I approached the fence line, I told him, "I am going to walk across the fence line and walk in and over look this coulee". As we approached the tip of the hill, we spotted a group of deer feeding in the bottom off to the right of us. There were two smaller bucks in this group, but looking at them and thinking that it's only the second day of season, I would let them go and we will move on down the coulee.

Cresting another hill, we spotted a smaller group of about 6 deer. The group was spread out. Spotting these deer at first at about 300 yards, we see this buck but couldn't tell exactly how big he was. As we sat and watched him come in closer to us, taking frequent breaks and resting, I could tell this deer was an old deer. Looking through my spotting scope I could start to tell for sure his points, his nice height, his weight to the one side and the kickers coming off the back I realize this deer has potential.

Without the slightest clue of dad and I being there I tell dad, "I am going to take a shot next time he stands". I had bought a brand new 7mm a week before hunting season. A few shots at the target board before heading out opening day, I had a pretty good idea where I was shooting with it. As this old boy stands and produces a perfect broadside shot for me at about 250 yards, I put my crosshairs right above the front shoulder and let my 7mm fly. All I heard after the shot was WHACK and then he jumps and runs not even 25 yards, having trouble running and standing he finally goes down. As I start walking down to him, every step I take it seems like he was growing. I could not believe it when I finally got my hands on his horns. With my dad already walking back to get my truck, I hurry and get my tags on him. Right away after I run to the top of the closest hill and grab my phone and text my brother, I just downed a high and heavy 12 pointer. With the sun setting and dad coming with my truck, I could not get over this deer. I could not sit still, this will be a hunt I'll never forget."

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