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"14 Years to Big Bull Success"
Photo provided by: Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson writes, "After 14 years of applying for this tag, it all ended at 7am opening day! Amazing!

I saw many bulls during the two days prior to the opening day, none of which I would have shot. On opening day, we had 10 bulls screaming and bugling their way towards us. As the cows got closer to the herd bull, many of the bulls came in closer to them. As one bull was trying to steal cows from this bull, they both became agitated with each other and my bull presented himself at 350 yards. One shot tore through the top part of his heart and down he went.

The best part of this experience, was that my wife, Lisa, was standing at my side. She would have only been able to hunt two days with me, so I was grateful that things turned out the way they did.

After the photo party, we dis-assembled this beast and packed him out 2.5 miles to my truck. I carried the cape, and 6x6 rack on my shoulders. Today I'm feeling the reward of that hike.

I was very fortunate to have many friends present to be part of this hunt."

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