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"Long Awaited Speedgoat for Garrett"
Photo provided by: Garrett Davis

Garrett Davis writes, "I've been putting in for this tag since 1992. I was 18 years old the first year I applied. It took me 19 years to draw the rifle tag. I can't tell you how happy my family was to find out the results in July. My wife and daughter drove the 400 miles to scout in August. My grandpa and I went back in September for the season. I sat all day the first day of season by a windmill and took him 200 yards down the fence line. Had my hunting mentor with me, grandpa, when I made the shot. Sure did make me forget about all the years it took to draw this OK tag. This is a once in a lifetime tag and by OK game law I can never put in for the rifle hunt again. The ranch owner was great, didn't charge us a thing. Hard to find great men like that these days. But we plan on trading out the buck for some eastern OK catfish."

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