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"General Season Utah Trophy for Kip"
Photo provided by: Kip

Kip writes, "I shot this buck on the 3rd day of the general season rifle hunt. It was called being in the right place and the right time. As anyone knows its a zoo on the general season hunt and anything can happen. As I was traveling up the trail, out over the oak brush all I saw was antlers sticking up out of the ground 50 ft in front of me. I field judged him to only be like 20"-22" wide and wasn't really impressed until he turned his head and I knew right away he was mine. I have past on many bucks over the past nine years of hunting, but could not resist at the sight of his magnificent deep forks. I shot him as he tried to escape and was very happy with the results. He ended up only having a 21" spread, but the deep forks make up for that. I had him roughed scored and he is about a 172" buck. Not bad for a general season hunt. This proves that spread isn't everything, although its awesome, deep forks make up for that. I am very thankful for the opportunity he gave me on this fine day."

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