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"7x9 Wyoming Trophy for Fran"
Photo provided by: Fran Martinet

Fran Martinet writes, "Here are some pictures of my buck of a lifetime that I took while hunting in Wyoming with three of my good buddies.
I got this buck on the fifth day of our hunt. I passed up several big bucks before this one, not because I didnít want to shoot them but because I had never shot a big buck before so I was unsure of how to judge the size. We got out to our hunting spot a little before light to check a cornfield we knew had some good bucks in it. We had hunted this spot before, so when we spotted his antlers moving through the corn, we thought he would move to the east like the others had done earlier. I took off to the east side of the field while my buddies stayed on the north end to watch him. I couldnít see that the buck was headed south; by the time I got to where I thought he was headed, my buddies were yelling at me to get to the other end of the field. When I got there he was on his way out to bed down for the day. I looked down the hill and saw the buck along with thirteen does about 250 yards away. I got a rest, took a shot and hit the buck in the shoulder. It wasnít a good enough shot to take him down. I was shaking so bad with buck fever so it was hard to explain to my buddies where he went. After I calmed down, we found some blood and the tracking started. We tracked him for about a half a mile until we got to a sagebrush patch that was about six feet tall. I waited on a high spot while my buddy started to walk through the brush. He took one step into the brush and the buck jumped up about six feet in front of him. The buck took three jumps and I was able to finish him with one shot.
He is a 7x9 non-typical with a 26-3/4 inch spread that green-scored 187. It was the best hunting trip I have ever been on and canít wait until next year to go back."

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