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"Amazing Alaskan Grizzly Bear Hunt"
Photo provided by: Cody Cook

Cody Cook, aka 7hunt7, had a dream hunt in Alaska. Cody shared the following in our forum.............

"The hunting gods were looking over us in Alaska as we were able to harvest two beautiful black bears and also fulfill our goal of killing North America's most dangerous animal, the GRIZZLY BEAR. It took two different trips to Alaska before making this happen but I wouldn't have changed the outcome for anything. It was a hunt that was so perfectly perfect. When all was said and done our group Killed two black bears (one black and one chocolate) and two grizzlies. My father in-laws bear squared 8' 0" and has an awesome 23 13/16 skull with an absolute stunning coat. My Grizz squared 8' 4" and has a 24" 6/16 skull which will make book if it doesn't shrink too much. Regardless of all the measurements, I am so happy that we were both able to connect on such beautiful animals and take true trophies of a lifetime. I would also like to say thanks to my awesome family and new found friends in Alaska for allowing me to enjoy this amazing place, which is truly the LAST FRONTIER!!

By the way, grizzly bear steaks are awesome!!"

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