Credentials are important in any business. My credentials are important to you because they represent a thorough knowledge of artistic skills and advanced taxidermy techniques. Skills that enable me to take a skin that received poor field care and turn it into a handsome mount. These same skills enable me to take a skin that was well cared for and turn it into a masterpiece.
  • Distinguished Taxidermist Award in 1981 by Taxidermy Review Magazine for superior mount on life size mammals.
  • Foreman for world's largest taxidermy studio - trained and supervised taxidermists
  • Conducted seminars and workshops for Taxidermists on advanced basemaking and head mounting techniques
  • Museum Curator
  • Author of numerous articles for Taxidermy trade journals
  • Past judge and coordinator for Safari Club Int. Annual Taxidermy competition
  • Past president of Arizona Chapter Safari Club
  • Owner of Chuck Meacham Taxidermy since 1984
I have been competing and winning in state and national competitions since 1979. My most recent award was a first place in the Master Division in 2005 at the New Mexico State Competition. I won with the pedestal Coues Deer mount that I mounted in 2004 in a 4 hour seminar I was giving on Coues Deer at the Western Regional. Experience and expertise does matter.

Our commercial mounts are as close to competition mounts as you can find anywhere.

I also offer a 3-day training seminar on advanced technique for shoulder mounts.

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