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Home Page Photo Categories 2005 Shed Antler Contest
Photo Title Provide by: Date Posted
2005 Mule Deer Shed Contest Winner! Jesse Gillard Jul-20-05
Big Buck Sheds for Larry and the Boys Larry Mower Jul-06-05
Jerry's Big Arizona Bull Sheds Ryan Slade Jul-06-05
Cory's Shed Hunting Success Cory McCubbin Jul-06-05
Stan's Central Utah Bull Sheds Ken Lance Jul-06-05
Wyoming Elk Bone for Adam Adam Ferre Jul-06-05
Another Shed from Knarly Dude Steve Dana Jun-04-05
125 Utah Sheds for Wes! Wes Spencer Jun-04-05
38 Moose Sheds in One Day!! Steve Dana Jun-04-05
360-Inch, 6x7 Set for Stephen & Jennifer Stephen Polanchak Jun-04-05
Over 400 Nevada Sheds Piled High! Ryan Honea Jun-04-05
Lots of Great Wyoming Sheds Michael Bost Jun-04-05
A Drop-Tine Shed for Josh & Larry Josh Glazier Jun-04-05
A Mess Of Big Bull Sheds Carl Montoya Jun-04-05
Nevada Bull Shed Hunting Fun Allison Knight Jun-04-05
Two Monster Typical Muley Sets Jesse Gillard May-17-05
Big Northern Utah Bull Sheds Patrick Hudson May-17-05
Pete's Big Nevada Bull Sheds Pete Gill May-17-05
Two 200-Inch Sets of Sheds Landon Stone May-17-05
Jackson's 400-Inch Bull Sheds Jackson Baugh May-17-05
Truckload of Bone Darrin May-17-05
Cory's Big 4-Point Sheds Cory Daniels May-17-05
Father/Son Shed Hunting Fun Devan Latturner May-12-05
Steve's 190 Muley Set Steve Dana May-04-05
The Sheds of Maximus----217 Gross! Trevor Mortenson May-04-05
7x7, 32-Inch Matched Set Shawn Syme May-04-05
182 Matched Mule Deer Set Steve Dana May-04-05
37-Inch, 204 Muley Sheds James Zeldenthuis May-04-05
Lots of Canadian Moose Antler Steve Dana May-04-05
Ohio Whitetail Shed Richard Parrish May-04-05
Buck & Bull Sheds for Mark Mark Lowe May-04-05
3 Years of a 190 Buck Larry Mower May-04-05
203 Matched Muley Set Landon Stone May-04-05
Tom's Local Legend Sheds Josh Flores May-04-05
John's B.C. Muley Sheds John Lee May-04-05
54 Great Sheds Jimmie Walz May-04-05
Heidi's Big 4-Point Matched Set Chad Marriott May-04-05
33-Inch, 215 Matched Muley Set Jesse Gillard Mar-30-05
Shad's Big Muley Sheds Shad Stentz Mar-30-05
Big Bull Shed for Mike & Caleb Mike Mar-30-05
BigBullHunter's 78-Inch Muley Shed Sean Coombs Mar-30-05
Ted's 160 Gross Whitetail Sheds Ted Hubele Mar-30-05
Long Eyeguard Muley Shed Brandon Jennings Mar-30-05