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Hello, and welcome to! I want to thank you for your interest in the site. Since August of 1999, we have been bringing western big game hunters from across the country together to share their stories, photos, ideas, and views on hunting.
We have always been, and still are, dedicated to providing the most entertaining and educational information about western big game hunting as possible. As you may have seen, the site offers many stories, photos, tips, video clips and a great forum for hunters to share their ideas and ask questions of other hunters. We rely on our readers to keep the site "fresh" with new content. We encourage reader contributions. We even give away prizes to the winners of our story and photo contests. Without the wonderful support of our readers, the site wouldn't be possible.

My name is Brian Latturner, founder of I'm an avid---well, make that an all out mule deer hunting fanatic, it's my passion! I created this site because-----the Internet needed a GOOD Western Big Game hunting site. A place where we could talk about our hunts, and share the stories and photos of the successful ones. The site is about, and for, all of us. Feel free to drop us a line anytime, we're always open to suggestions that can help to make the site even better.

Alright, so now you know why this site exists. I would go on and tell you all about what can be found here at, but instead I'll just let you check it out for yourself. Enjoy!

Thank you,

Brian Latturner

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