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Photo Title Provide by: Date Posted
Jason's 186 Gross Utah Muzzleloader Buck Jason Crow Oct-30-06
A Big Bull for Josh Greg Verlander Oct-30-06
Eric's 28-Inch Utah Buck Eric Montague Oct-30-06
31-Inch Idaho Buck Dave Orcutt Oct-30-06
Big Buck With Extras Corey Oct-30-06
345 Gross Arizona Bull for Carl Carl Bryant Oct-30-06
Ben's 27-Inch Nevada Muley Matt Murray Oct-30-06
Andy's P&Y North Dakota Buck Andy Leer Oct-30-06
Tom's New Mexico Bull Tom Sainsbury Oct-30-06
Deep-Forked Nevada Buck Scott Sorenson Oct-30-06
A Great First Buck for Marshall Paul Barath Oct-30-06
Patrick's Utah Smokepole Muley Patrick Hamman Oct-30-06
Lisa's Colorado Buck Lisa Oct-30-06
Kayla's 27-Inch Utah Buck (Dad) Mitchell Oct-30-06
341 Gross Wyoming Bull for Julius Julius Vatalaro Oct-30-06
Jennifer's Trophy Muley Jeremy Perkins Oct-30-06
Jim's Wyoming Bull Jim Toombs Oct-30-06
Jerry's 5x6 Colorado Smokepole Buck Jerry Thompson Oct-30-06
Buck Hunting - A Family Tradition Jeff Cook Oct-30-06
Stalking Skills Pay Off Jared Bloomgren Oct-30-06
Three Big Nevada Bucks Greg Krogh Oct-30-06
Garrett's First Buck Ed Gutzwiler Oct-30-06
Dillon's Idaho Buck Dillon Ross Oct-30-06
Dave's Muley/Blacktail Buck Dave Clausen Oct-30-06
Colorado Bull Hunting Success Casey Fall Oct-30-06
Buck-n-Bull Hunting Fun Todd Compston Oct-30-06
Great Hunting for Tracy & His Daughter Tracy West Oct-30-06
Big 6x7 Bull for Travis Travis Long Oct-30-06
Two Great Bucks for Craig & Craig Craig Eckstein Oct-30-06
Arnold's 32-Inch 170 Buck Jeremy Perkins Oct-16-06
Rhonda's 410 Monster Bull Rhonda Kennedy Oct-16-06
Zac's Utah Cheater Buck Zac Griffith Oct-16-06
A Good Day in Wyoming Brian Latturner Oct-16-06
John's 190 Smokepole Muley John Bottari Oct-16-06
Big Utah Bull for Shane Reed Bailey Oct-16-06
Lynn's Idaho Super Tag Bull Corey Jacobsen Oct-16-06
Steve's Wyoming Archery Buck Steve Schulz Oct-16-06
Matt's New Mexico Archery Bull Matthew Montoya Oct-16-06
Big Bucks for Amy & Kaelee Larry Mower Oct-16-06
Justin's Big 6x6 Bull Justin Mignerey Oct-16-06
Two Big Wyoming Bucks Jason Reinhardt Oct-16-06
Trophy Archery Bull for Dallas Dallas Sears Oct-16-06
Awesome Idaho Bull Hunting Corey Jacobsen Oct-16-06
Glen's Monster Bull Marco Defa Oct-16-06
340 P&Y 7x7 Bull for John John Foster Oct-16-06
Justin's Oregon Buck Justin Hilger Oct-16-06
Robert's Utah Smokepole Muley Robert Wilcox Oct-16-06
Huge Utah Bull for K'Dee K'Dee Gardner Oct-16-06
Stick-n-String Bull Success for Greg Greg Verlander Oct-16-06
Don's Wyoming Buck Don Oct-16-06
A Dandy Bull for Devin Devin Soelberg Oct-16-06
Montana Archery Bull for David David Cederlund Oct-16-06
Conrad's Colorado 5x6 Bull Conrad Oct-16-06
Brad's Oregon Buck Brad Robins Oct-16-06
Ted's Last Day Muley Ted Hubele Oct-15-06
Jared's 13 Yard Bull Jared Taylor Oct-15-06
Cam's Big Velvet Canadian Muley Cam Barlow Sep-25-06
Zac's Heavy Utah Archery Buck Zac Robinson Sep-25-06
Ron's California Velvet Buck Ron Redding Jr. Sep-25-06
Frank's High Country Colorado Buck Frank Clause Sep-25-06
Ted's 6x6 Archery Bull Ted Hubele Sep-25-06
BOHNTR Arrows Another Trophy Buck Roy Grace Sep-25-06
Paul's 2006 Utah Bull Paul Kendall Sep-25-06
Big Bucks for Jarred & Neil Jarred Erickson Sep-25-06
Bill's Trophy Oregon Archery Buck Bill Swoyer Sep-25-06
Jesse's 29-Inch Archery Buck Jesse Betteridge Sep-11-06
Grant's P&Y Utah Archery Bull Grant Murdoch Sep-11-06
Josh's Idaho Archery Bull Josh Bransford Sep-11-06
High Country Bucks for Roy & Fred Roy Grace Sep-11-06
Mike's California Buck Mike Doherty Sep-11-06
Joey's 6x7 Stick-n-String Bull Joey Santos Sep-11-06
Aric's 30-Inch Archery Buck Aric Cena Aug-28-06
Matt's Utah Velvet Buck Jim Schain Aug-28-06
Jeremy's Trophy Bow Buck Jeremy Perkins Aug-28-06
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