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Home Page Photo Categories 2008 Shed Antler Contest
Photo Title Provide by: Date Posted
Monster Idaho Muley Sheds (Winner!) Harold Rose Mar-27-08
Mark's Central Utah Shed (Winner!) Mark Long Apr-16-08
An Idaho Score (Winner!) Andy Eckhart Apr-30-08
Big Sheds....Awesome Scenery (Winner!) Rod Sinclair May-30-08
Mathew's Amazing Find (Winner!) Ryan Tuttle Apr-26-08
Stephen's Unique Elk Antler (Winner!) Stephen Vaccaro Jun-06-08
Big Buck Sheds....As They Laid Scott Tibbs Jul-01-08
Big Colorado Elk Shed for Jerry Jerry Knack Jul-01-08
Russell's Unique Elk Shed Russell Benson Jul-01-08
Utah Buck & Bull Sheds Mike Truman Jul-01-08
Frank's Colorado Matched Elk Sheds Frank Clause Jun-16-08
Oregon Sheds for Joseph Joseph Cima Jun-16-08
Colorado Shed Hunting for Guerry Guerry Vaughan Jun-16-08
Weekend Bull Elk Bone Chris Boyd Jun-16-08
Colorado Bone for Blake Blake Collins Jun-16-08
Matt's Mess Of Bone Matt Galland Jun-16-08
Big Colorado Bull Sheds Frank Clause Jun-16-08
Great Sheds for Mike Mike Jun-16-08
Truckload of Bone Preston Parsons Jun-06-08
Great Elk Sheds Nathan Taylor Jun-06-08
Whitetail Bone for Shane Shane Hayes Jun-06-08
Cool Blacktail Antler Mike Button Jun-06-08
Rusty's Bull Antlers Rusty Smith May-30-08
Big Antlers for Mitch & Nic Mitch Giles May-30-08
McKenzie Awesome Muley Finds McKenzie Sims May-30-08
Leroy's Big Muley Set Leroy Brown May-30-08
Tines Up Bull Shed Justin Law May-30-08
Juan's Big Bull Elk Sheds Juan Chumacero May-30-08
Garth's Year of Shed Hunting Garth Luke May-30-08
Colorado Shed Hunting for Frank & Pat Frank Clause May-30-08
Shed Hunting Success for the Trotter's Alex Trotter May-30-08
Awesome As They Lay Elk Sheds Rusty Smith May-24-08
A Great Day In Wyoming Kirk Adams May-24-08
Big Elk Antler for Curtis Curtis Jaussi May-24-08
Huge Colorado Elk Sheds Chris Boyd May-24-08
Whopper Wyoming Muley Sheds Justin Williams May-23-08
More Big Stuff for Brian Brian DeRosa May-23-08
Idaho Muley Sheds for Woody Woody Charles May-23-08
244 Sheds for Wacey & Austin Wacey Sweat May-23-08
Todd's Shed Antlers Todd Harney May-23-08
Two Elk Sets Over 400 Inches! Randy LaRose May-23-08
Pete's Fine Set of Elk Sheds Pete Gill May-23-08
Big Elk Sheds for Mike Mike Kimber May-23-08
Spring Elk Antler Huntin' Fun Kelly Christensen May-23-08
Washington Sheds for JJ JJ Lambert May-23-08
Jim's Big Set of Elk Sheds Jim Gonzales May-23-08
Father & Son Huntin' Fun Dale Bagley May-23-08
Chris' 2008 Shed Hunting Success Chris Boyd May-23-08
Utah Buck & Bull Sheds Brady Poulson May-23-08
Big Buck & Bull Sheds for Tyler Tyler Poulson May-19-08
Big Antlers for Todd Todd Compston May-19-08
More Great Nevada Bone Riley Manzonie May-19-08
Kevin's 330 Utah Elk Sheds Kevin Balls May-19-08
Kent's Colorado Shed Kent Gorham May-19-08
Sheds and a Three-Antlered Bull Justin Baecker May-19-08
Unique Little Antler Doug May-19-08
More Shed Huntin' Success in 2008 Billy Steele May-19-08
Big Sheds With Big Views Rod Sinclair May-16-08
A Big Utah Mule Deer Set Gregory Wilding May-16-08
Big Nevada Muley For Kipp Kipp Syme May-16-08
More Success For Brian Evans Brian Evans May-16-08
Big 7 Point Elk Shed Jeff Warren May-16-08
More Colorado Sheds For Charles Charles Hoge May-16-08
A Great Weekend In Wyoming Austin Duke May-16-08
Sheds And Kids Jason Marshall May-16-08
Big White Muley Antler Victor Brown May-16-08
A Big Northern Utah Set Clayton Coulam May-16-08
Big Buck Antlers for Jeremiah Jeremiah Johnson May-14-08
Big Muley Set for the Manzonie's Riley Manzonie May-14-08
Todd's Huge Buck Antler Todd Compston May-14-08
Shed Huntin' Success for Nathan Nathan Taylor May-14-08
Big Bone for Mike Mike May-14-08
John's Big Bull Elk Sheds John Dalke May-14-08
Cool Sheds & Head for Cole Cole Mecham May-14-08
Marissa's First Antler George Nass May-14-08
Roadside Shed for Billy Billy Steele May-14-08
Colorado Sheds For Wesley Wesley Torsell May-12-08
Perry's Utah Success Kendon Sorenson May-12-08
An Easy Pick Up Billy Steele May-07-08
Idaho Score Eric Radford May-07-08
Washington Sheds Chris Jackson May-07-08
A Great Spot For Sheds Brian Evans May-06-08
Nevada Elk Sheds Tom Braver May-06-08
Montana Elk Shed Casey Roberts May-06-08
Hell's Canyon Muley Brian DeRosa Apr-30-08
A Good Year For Jake Jake Kibler Apr-30-08
Nevada Mega Haul Aaron Luzier Apr-29-08
A Perfect Set Dan Bird Apr-29-08
More Colorado Shed's For Jeff Jeff Steele Apr-29-08
A Unique Find For Wacey Wacey Sweat Apr-29-08
Another Big Haul For Justin Justin Baecker Apr-29-08
A Big Oregon Elk Set Tom Strong Apr-26-08
Mark's 2008 Elk Set Mark Baudino Apr-26-08
A 203 Inch Muley Set Mike Truman Apr-26-08
Colorado Success Wes Torsell Apr-26-08
A Few Elk Sheds For Ryan Ryan Tuttle Apr-26-08
Christopher's Elk Find's Christopher Molina Apr-17-08
Cole's First Set of The Year Cole Mecham Apr-17-08
Colorado Muley Set Charles Hoge Apr-17-08
A Big Set For Austin Austin Duke Apr-16-08
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