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Home Page Photo Categories 2010 Shed Antler Contest
Photo Title Provide by: Date Posted
Saskatchewan Monster Muley Antlers - Con... Darwin Kasokeo Jul-19-10
Clint's 384-Inch Set - Contest Winner! Clint Jul-19-10
Awesome Big Buck Set for Matt - Contest ... Matt Brown Jul-19-10
Awesome "As They Lay" Shots - Contest Wi... Rod Sinclair Jul-19-10
Father/Son Shed Hunting Success - Contes... Richard Vialpando Jul-19-10
Jude's Unique Elk Shed - Contest Winner! Jude Tuft Jul-19-10
Cool ATL's & a Great Year Tracy Buehler Jul-15-10
Another Great Outing for Austin Austin Jul-15-10
Sweet Muley ATL Shot Liam Jun-25-10
Dean's Cool ATL Dean Jun-25-10
Big 5x7 Elk Set for Clayton Clayton Carter Jun-25-10
Rory's Bucks Sheds Rory Doyle Jun-25-10
Buck & Bull Moose Antlers for Shane Shane Hayes Jun-25-10
Big Muley Set of Sheds Mike Hawkins Jun-25-10
Big ATL Elk Sheds Michael Bost Jun-25-10
Josh's 2010 Sheds Josh Jun-25-10
Northern New Mexico Bone Bud Jun-25-10
More Great Utah Antlers for Austin Austin Jun-25-10
Cedar Cleaned House Cedar Ortega Jun-09-10
More Montana Antlers for Brian Brian Lecount Jun-09-10
Good Times Chasing Elk Bone Ted Hubele Jun-09-10
Rewards of the Hike Jerry Cline Jun-09-10
Easter Weekend Fun Jan Allen Jun-09-10
As They Lay - Elk Kent Gorham Jun-09-10
Another Good Outing Randy Jun-09-10
Packload of Sheds for Brandon Brandon Booth Jun-09-10
Good Days in the Hills Billy Steele Jun-09-10
Great Colorado Bone for Matt Matt Larson Jun-09-10
Lots Buck-n-Bull Antler for Frank Frank Clause May-25-10
More Antlers Juan's Gathered Juan May-25-10
Jeremy's Success Jeremy Madsen May-25-10
Fun Day of Antler Hunting Juan May-25-10
Some Good Antlers for Jeramy Jeramy MacKinnon May-25-10
Sheds for Coby & Jack Jeff Walbye May-25-10
Big Antler & Big Deadhead Charles Hoge May-25-10
Hidden Trophy Bone Ted Taylor May-25-10
A Nice Find Cory May-24-10
Bull Elk & Moose Bone Austin May-24-10
New Mexico Elk Bone for Scott Scott DeFoy May-24-10
Good Times in the Hills Zane May-24-10
New Mexico Elk Sheds for Seth Seth May-24-10
California Bone for Anthony & Mandy Anthony May-24-10
Northern Utah Bone for Kayson Kayson Westerberg May-10-10
361-Inch Elk Set for Ryan Ryan Jibson May-10-10
Even More Great Finds Randy May-10-10
Lots of Great Finds Randy May-10-10
Good Days in Colorado Frank Clause May-10-10
Utah Deer Bone for Colton Colton Ingram May-10-10
Elk Antlers for Jackson and the Kids Jackson Baugh May-10-10
Huge Arizona Elk Set JP Vicente May-10-10
Good Day in New Mexico Scott DeFoy May-10-10
Northern Colorado Elk Sheds Dallin May-10-10
Nice Elk Sheds for Brian Brian Evans May-10-10
Good Times Shed Huntin' Juan Apr-23-10
Idaho Elk Antlers for Ike & Tyler Ike & Tyler Apr-23-10
Awesome Elk Antler Find Brett Hooper Apr-23-10
Good Weekend in Nevada Todd Compston Apr-23-10
35 Sheds for the Boys Randy Apr-23-10
Nate's 6x6 Elk Set Nate Krohn Apr-23-10
New Mexico 8-Point Dee Antler Mike Apr-23-10
Nice Elk Set for Kyle Kyle Apr-23-10
Lots More Bone for Hornkiller Jeremy Apr-23-10
Casey's Antlers Casey Barela Apr-23-10
Montana Buck & Bull Antlers Brian Apr-23-10
Good Luck in Colorado Trafton Hayne Apr-23-10
Jordan's Sheds Jordan Ebejer Apr-23-10
Family Shed Hunting Adrian Hands Apr-23-10
Long-Tined Muley Antler for Trevor Trevor Valentine Apr-09-10
Tad's Montana Bull Shed Tad Singbeil Apr-09-10
Alberta Bone for Mike Steve Harvey Apr-09-10
Snow Covered Buck & Bull Antlers Tracy Buehler Apr-09-10
Nevada Antlers for Todd and the Gang Todd Compston Apr-09-10
Whopper Idaho Elk Set for Sam Sam Rohrbacher Apr-09-10
Good Year for Tysen Tysen Haney Apr-09-10
Deer Shed Success Russel Oyler Apr-09-10
Buck Set Side-by-Side Mike Jones Apr-09-10
Very Good Day for Chris & Matthew Matthew Fare Apr-09-10
Mark's Big Fresh Elk Shed Mark Long Apr-09-10
Great Couple Days for Jeremy & Luke Jeremy Apr-09-10
Utah Bone for Clayton and his Brothers Clayton Apr-09-10
Fun Hikes for Casey & Caitlan Casey Meyer Apr-09-10
Good Start for Billy Billy Steele Apr-09-10
ATL Deer Antler Shots Austin Davis Apr-09-10
Good Day Afield Garth Simkins Apr-09-10
Big Brown Arizona Elk Bone Kyle Apr-09-10
Unique Elk Antler for Matt Matt Apr-09-10
Lots of Deer Antlers Mike Apr-09-10
First Shed Hunt for Alyssia & Chloe Rodney Hamm Apr-09-10
Neat Elk Antler for Wilford Wilford Pratt Apr-09-10
Velvet Covered Muley Shed & More! Jeff Steele Apr-09-10
Jason's Cool Muley Antler Jason Jones Apr-09-10
Big Buck Set for Jacob Jacob Apr-09-10
Great ATL Shots from Cedar Cedar Ortega Apr-09-10
Big New Mexico Elk Bone Al Gonzales Apr-09-10
Big Elk Sheds for Dave Dave Fenstemacher Mar-23-10
A Good Weekend for Jared Jared Hadlock Mar-23-10
Big Elk Bone Brandon Verde Mar-23-10
Some Good Ones for Travis Travis Burton Mar-23-10
Couple Big Moose Antlers Steve Keller Mar-23-10
Sheds for George & Goose George Mar-23-10