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Home Page Photo Categories 2011 Shed Antler Contest
Photo Title Provide by: Date Posted
213-Inch Muley Set for Harold - Contest ... Harold Rose Jul-26-11
33-Inch Wide, 6x7 Muley Set - Contest Wi... Adam Mayers Jul-26-11
Very, Very Unique - Contest Winner! Juan Jul-26-11
398+ Utah Elk Set - Contest Winner! Brandon Hansen Jul-26-11
Neat Shed Shots & Deadheads - Contest Wi... Rod Sinclair Jul-26-11
A Couple Really Neat Antlers - Contest W... Chris Jackson Jul-26-11
Awesome ATL Shots Brandon Wilkins Jul-12-11
Cool Antler's for Tanner Tanner Kochevar Jul-12-11
More Elk Bone for Todd Todd Compston Jul-12-11
Lots of Bone for Shay Shay Trulove Jul-12-11
Trashy Muley Set Kody Deavers Jul-12-11
Buck-n-Bull Sheds Kipp Syme Jul-12-11
Lots of Shed Hunting Fun Kathy Sherman Jun-24-11
Awesome Wyoming Droptine Set Jason Ridgeway Jun-24-11
Big Sheds for Mitchell Mitchell Edington Jun-24-11
Good Day Afield Jack Walbye Jun-24-11
Some Antlers for Dave Dave Fenstemacher Jun-24-11
A Few Good Outings for Brandon Brandon Wilkins Jun-24-11
Plenty of Kickers on this Set Brett Hendricks Jun-09-11
Nice ATL Shot George Nass Jun-09-11
Good Fun for the Carrick's Luke Carrick Jun-09-11
A Little Highcountry Bone Shane Hayes Jun-09-11
Jeremy's Best Day of Shed Hunting Jeremy Johnson Jun-09-11
Some Antlers for Joe Joe Mtz Jun-09-11
A Couple Sheds for Brent Brent Nations Jun-09-11
Frank's Awesome ATL Shots Frank Clause May-29-11
More Colorado Bone for Dallin Dallin Staker May-29-11
Sweet ATL Elk Antler John Nielsen May-29-11
Cameron's First Sheds Kevin Billows May-29-11
Good Day in Montana Ivan Yarmolich May-29-11
New Mexico Sheds Jimmy Erwin May-29-11
Alaskan Bone Clint Wirick May-29-11
Fun Stuff for the Kids Brennon May-29-11
Randy's Still Hitting It Hard Randy May-17-11
More Elk Bone for Josh Josh Flores May-17-11
Sweet Shed and Deadhead Luke Carrick May-17-11
Unique Elk Antler and More Joe Jeffers May-17-11
Big Bull Set Justen Hogan May-17-11
Awesome ATL Elk Shots Brian Evans May-17-11
Lots More Bone for Frank Frank Clause May-17-11
Just a Little Success for Juan and the G... Juan May-17-11
Nice ATL Shots and a Unique Elk Antler Jerry Cline May-17-11
Cool Antler Shots George Mercer May-17-11
Sheds for Brandon and the Girls Brandon Wilkins May-17-11
Fun Times for the Oyler's Russel Oyler May-17-11
Shannon's Colorado Sheds Shannon Ward May-17-11
Good Times for the Boys Shane Hayes May-17-11
Cool ATL Elk Shed Shot T.J. Jones May-17-11
Lots of Time in the Hills Pays Off Brandon Booth May-17-11
Billy and the Kids Hit the Hills Billy Steele May-17-11
Sheds & Deadhead for Ted Ted Hubele May-17-11
Great Antlers for Tanner Tanner Kochevar May-17-11
Shed Hunting Fun for Father/Daughter Chad Whiting May-17-11
Success in Northwest Colorado Dallin Staker May-17-11
Unique Elk Antler for Mike Mike May-17-11
Utah Mule Deer Antlers Zac Adams May-17-11
Washington Shed Hunting Success Luke Carrick Apr-25-11
Lots More Bone for Todd Todd Compston Apr-25-11
Pretty Cool ATL Shots Tanner Kochevar Apr-25-11
Shay's 360-Inch Colorado Elk Set Shay Trulove Apr-25-11
Shed Hunting Success for Matt & Ike Matt Isaacson Apr-25-11
Couple Real Nice ATL Shots Larry Mower Apr-25-11
Good Times Shed Hunting Jeremy Fry Apr-25-11
Awesome Nevada Bone Jered Apr-25-11
Scrub Oak Ivory Gary Wilson Apr-25-11
Juan's Secret Spot Pays Off Juan Apr-25-11
Buck & Bull Bone for Billy Billy Steele Apr-25-11
Couple As They Lay Shots Benton Street Apr-25-11
Even More Bone for Randy Randy Apr-25-11
A Few Deer Antlers for Mike Mike Borzick Apr-25-11
Skyler's Big Elk Sheds Skyler Dabell Apr-25-11
A Great Moment for Mike Mike Apr-25-11
Nice Bone for Justen & Chance Justen Hogan Apr-25-11
Nice Montana Finds for Mike Matt Anderson Apr-25-11
Unique Antler for Clay Clay Grammer Apr-25-11
A Good Weekend for Frankie Frankie Vogt Apr-25-11
Awesome Arizona Elk Sheds Ryan Hart Apr-12-11
Plenty Of Antlers for the Oyler's Russel Oyler Apr-12-11
Big, Big Muley Antlers Larry Mower Apr-12-11
Duke's Fine Day in the Hills Duke Baker Apr-12-11
More and More Bone for Cory Cory Calvert Apr-12-11
Tanner's Awesome Finds Tanner Kochevar Apr-12-11
First Shed Hunt for Thad & Sophie Thad Flores Apr-12-11
More Great Finds for Randy Randy Apr-12-11
Big Mule Deer Set Luke Wallace Apr-12-11
Sweet ATL Muley Antlers Landon Stone Apr-12-11
Arizona Shed Hunting Fun Kyle Dutro Apr-12-11
Fantastic Elk Bone for George George Nass Apr-12-11
Real Good Idaho Deer Antler for Cody Cody Cannon Apr-12-11
Double Dropper Set Cam Kincade Apr-11-11
Great Hikes for Brandon Brandon Wilkins Apr-11-11
Thomas' Elk Shed Hunting Success Thomas Duffy Apr-11-11
More Bone for Jordan Jordan Ebejer Apr-11-11
First Two Days of Shed Hunting for Frank Frank Clause Apr-11-11
Big Elk Shed for Randy Randy Mar-29-11
Phillip's Utah Bone Phillip Lundell Mar-29-11
Good Colorado Stuff for Marcus Marcus Mar-29-11
Awesome 215-Inch Muley Set for Jeff Jeff Bullard Mar-29-11
A Mess of Great Bone for Todd Todd Compston Mar-29-11
Nice Oregon Muley Set Troy Parrish Mar-29-11
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