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Home Page Photo Categories 2012 Shed Antler Contest
Photo Title Provide by: Date Posted
Huge Muley Sheds from Colorado (Contest ... Mark Gallegos May-04-12
Josh's Big Elk Sheds (Contest Winner!) Josh Cooper May-04-12
Underwater ATL........Really Cool and Bi... Tracy Buehler Apr-19-12
Fantastic ATL Elk Antler Shots (Contest ... Brian Evans May-21-12
Unique Arizona Elk Antler for Andrew (Co... Andrew Nordquist Apr-04-12
Great Day in the Hills! (Contest Winner!... Khase Critchley Mar-21-12
Real Nice Idaho Bone for Ty Ty Gasser Jul-17-12
Three Nice Brown Elk Sets in Two Hours! Brendan Deason Jul-17-12
Fun in the Hills for Brandon and Rayann Brandon Wilkins Jul-17-12
Some Big Elk Bone Mike Lilrose Jul-17-12
More Sheds for Mitchell Mitchell Edington Jul-17-12
Great Times for Father & Son in the Hill... Jerry Denton Jun-20-12
A Mess of Bone for J.D. J.D. Magee Jun-20-12
Sweet ATL Shot Royce Miller Jun-20-12
Huge Utah Muley Set for Elyse Scott Lamoreaux Jun-20-12
Awesome Antlers for Nicholas Nicholas Muche Jun-20-12
380 Colorado Bull Elk Set for Bill Bill Van Ness Jun-20-12
More Great Muley Antlers for Pat Pat Rauch Jun-20-12
55 Sheds for the Year Joe Rekow Jun-20-12
Great Day in the Saddle J.D. Hacking Jun-20-12
Remote Spot = Success Frank Clause May-21-12
More Antler Gathering Success Brandon Wilkins May-21-12
Central Utah Buck-n-Bull Bone Dalton Gregerson May-21-12
A Few Nice Elk Antlers Bud Holjeson May-21-12
Super Shed Photos and Dead Heads Pat Rauch May-21-12
Big Moose Antlers for Hunter Hunter Watts May-21-12
More Bone for Mitchell Mitchell Edington May-21-12
Awesome Palmated Whitetail Antler Jack Noyes May-21-12
Wyoming Opener Fun Todd Steffensen May-21-12
Couple Fine Deer Antlers Laying Side by ... Phillip Lundell May-21-12
Great Year of Antler Hunting for Brandon Brandon Booth May-21-12
More Big Stuff for Frank Frank Clause May-04-12
Buck & Bull Bone for Lane Lane Earl May-04-12
30 Miles = 30 Sheds Luke Carrick May-04-12
Porcupine Found It First! Matthew Brimhall May-04-12
Derek had the Luck Richard Vialpando May-04-12
Mitchell's ATL Pictures Mitchell Edington May-04-12
Couple Antlers for John John Nielsen May-04-12
Cool ATL Shot Jeff Falkner May-04-12
Sweet Idaho Moose Set Garrett Jones May-04-12
Awesome ATL Elk Shed for Trexton Bronson Bailey May-04-12
One Great Afternoon Shed Hunt Dave Dunlap May-04-12
Home Great Stuff for Dave and Dan Dave Metrovich May-04-12
Big Shed for a Little Boy Travis Long May-04-12
Elk and Deer Sheds for Ty Ty Kassidy May-04-12
Lots of White Antlers for Keirsten Keirsten McCall May-04-12
Good Times for Brandon & Rayann Brandon Wilkins May-04-12
51 Antler Day for Todd and the Crew Todd Compston Apr-19-12
Frank's Success So Far in 2012 Frank Clause Apr-19-12
One Weekend Shed, But Big! Chase Christopher Apr-19-12
First Elk Shed Hunt of the Year.....FUN! Brandon Wilkins Apr-19-12
New Mexico Sheds Andy Salgado Apr-19-12
Nice Day of Hiking for Nicholas Nicholas Muche Apr-19-12
Luke's 2012 Shed Success Luke Carrick Apr-19-12
Northern Arizona Shed Hunting Success Kyle Dutro Apr-19-12
Kyler's First Brown Elk Set Josh Kempton Apr-19-12
Awesome Elk Antlers John Adams Apr-19-12
Sweet ATL Whitetail Set Harold Rose Apr-19-12
Nevada Bone for Doug & Charlie Doug Pope Apr-19-12
Nice Elk Antler for Mitch Mitch Callas Apr-19-12
A Nice Elk Set Clayton Coulam Apr-04-12
Good Times in Colorado Cory Calvert Apr-04-12
Pete's Day on the Mountain Pete Carney Apr-04-12
Whooper Buck Set for Lee Lee Blankenship Apr-04-12
Huge Elk Set for Justin & Monte Justin Perkins Apr-04-12
Great Day for Juan and the Gang Juan Chumacero Apr-04-12
Lock Bulls & Sheds Ira Waldron Apr-04-12
170-Inch Set for Tony Doug Bell Apr-04-12
First Outing for Brandon Brandon Wilkins Apr-04-12
Cool Buck Antlers & Sweet ATL Elk Jason Etchechoury Apr-04-12
Tyler's Day in the Hills Tyler Sadler Apr-04-12
Couple Nice Weekends of Hiking Mitchell Edington Apr-04-12
370 Colorado Bull Elk Set Shay Trulove Mar-21-12
Huge Muley Set for Casey Casey Adams Mar-21-12
Founder's First Shed of the Year Brian Latturner Mar-21-12
Nice Elk Antler for Richard Richard Archuleta Mar-21-12
Stacked As They Lay Sheds Jared Rose Mar-21-12
Derek's ATL Elk Shed Derek Havig Mar-21-12
Big Antlers for Juan Juan Mar-21-12
Bullet Hole Shed Matthew Brimhall Mar-21-12
A Few Antler's for Tina Tina Bird Mar-21-12
Pete's Finds Pete Gill Mar-21-12
New Mexico Bone Mitchell Edington Mar-21-12