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Photo Title Provide by: Date Posted
Whopper Bull for Kris Kris McClendon Nov-03-12
Taylor Scores on a Fine Nevada Muley Kevin Billows Nov-03-12
30-Inch Wide Central Nevada 6x5 Kassie Thomsen Nov-03-12
340-Inch Idaho Trophy Archery Bull Jeff Bloomquist Nov-03-12
Jed's Southern Utah Muzzleloader Muley Jed Wintle Nov-03-12
Big Typical & Cool Cactus Buck for the P... Paul Price Nov-03-12
Eastern Washington Muley for Timothy Timothy Peden Nov-03-12
Jackson's First Buck Tim Freund Nov-03-12
Nevada Muley for Shawna Shawn Hanneman Nov-03-12
Awesome Colorado Mountain Goat Rick Snellstrom Nov-03-12
New Mexico Bull for Juan Pam Chavez Nov-03-12
Arizona Wapiti for Aaron Howie Nov-03-12
Adriana's Big Idaho Bull Moose Harold Rose Nov-03-12
Chris' Cool Alaskan Dall Sheep Chris Maxwell Nov-03-12
Darren's Colorado Pronghorn Darren Bachand Nov-03-12
Colorado Bowhunting Success for Brian Brian Martin Nov-03-12
Great Muley Buck for Brad Brad Vargo Nov-03-12
Janalee's Antelope Buck Casey Harvey Nov-03-12
Stick-n-String 'Lope for Steve Steve Schulz Nov-03-12
Thad's Archery Bull Elk Thad Schomp Nov-03-12
Smokpole Muley for Grandpa Tyler Grundy Nov-03-12
Pronghorn Success for Casey Casey Harvey Nov-03-12
Sweet Alaskan Caribou for Doug Doug Morland Nov-03-12
Frank's Fine Buck Frank Martinet Nov-03-12
Clay's Wyoming High Country Monster Mule... Clay Allen Oct-14-12
35-Incher for Dan Dan Rast Oct-13-12
7x7 Wasatch Smokepole Bull for Bryce Bryce Skinner Oct-13-12
Another Velvet Covered Toad for Cam Cam Barlow Oct-13-12
14 Year Wait Turns Into Huge Bull for Ch... Chad Carter Oct-13-12
Fantastic Smokepole Muley Bryce Bishop Oct-13-12
Beautiful Opening Day Muley Casey Harvey Oct-13-12
Wyoming Dream Hunt Chad Miller Oct-13-12
Heavy, Knarly Slug Buck for Haydan Haydan Jackman Oct-13-12
Paul's Big Montana Bull Elk Paul Turley Oct-13-12
Sam's Big Buck & Big Bull Sam Parkinson Oct-13-12
Great First Bull for Cole Paul Berman Oct-13-12
81-1/2 Inch Central Utah 'Lope for Nick Nick Anderson Oct-13-12
Big Manti LE Unit Bull for Justin Justin Needles Oct-13-12
31-1/2 Inch General Season Archery Buck Jeff Cisneros Oct-13-12
Southern Utah Trophy Bull for Jason Jason Loftus Oct-13-12
Record Book Utah Bear Justin Cowan Oct-13-12
Whopper Big Bull for Jeran Jeran Gallegos Oct-13-12
One Draw Pays Off Big for Jason & Stacy Jason Oct-13-12
Greg's Wyoming 'Lope Greg Wynd Oct-13-12
Dan's Idaho Backpack Bull Dan Allred Oct-13-12
Brock First Buck ..... 4x5 Archery Troph... Brock Pruitt Oct-13-12
Awesome Fishlake Muzzleloader Bull Brian Thomson Oct-13-12
Great Hunt for Billy & Lori Bob Kyhn Oct-13-12
7 Year Old Danny and His First Buck Rod Yaksich Oct-12-12
Big Bulls for Steve, Kevin, & Travis Steve Anderson Oct-12-12
Trenton's 10x12 Utah Moose Trenton Haverfield Oct-12-12
Nice Buck for Clay ROYALTINE Oct-12-12
Roy Takes Another Trophy .... AZ Bull Roy Grace Oct-12-12
Kickstand Buck Down Rod Yaksich Oct-12-12
Whopper Southern Utah Bull Tyler Grundy Oct-12-12
Last Day Muzzleloader Muley for Wade Wade Gardiner Oct-12-12
Fine Colorado Wapiti for Shannon Shannon Ward Oct-12-12
Ron's Oregon Archery Bull Ron Dykes Oct-12-12
Smokepole Trophy Buck for Rick Rick Manwill Oct-12-12
Pete Jr. & Pete Sr. Downed Speedgoats Pete Carney Oct-12-12
Nathan's North Dakota Whitetail Nathan Coombs Oct-12-12
September Bull Elk Success in Idaho Logan Brudenell Oct-12-12
Heavy 6x7 Bull for Ryan Leon Searles Oct-12-12
Great Time in Alaska for Kip & Matt Kip Fowler Oct-12-12
Crazy Nevada Buck Justin Alanis Oct-12-12
Joshua's Utah Archery Buck Joshua Luke Oct-12-12
Sweet First Archery Buck for Greg Greg Robbins Oct-12-12
California Speedgoat for George George Eichman Oct-12-12
Emmett's Nevada 4x6 Muley Emmett Robinson Oct-12-12
Bryan's California Bruin Clayton Strahan Oct-12-12
Alaska Caribou for Brian & Ian Brian Drake Oct-12-12
6x7 Trophy Bull Down Bob Kyhn Oct-12-12
Ryan's 200+ Inch Arizona Muley Lance Crowther Sep-25-12
Awesome Utah Archery Buck for Preston Preston Price Sep-25-12
Kevin's 388-Inch Utah Archery Monster Kevin Peck Sep-24-12
Nevada Typical Trophy Buck for Monte Monte Perkins Sep-24-12
Brent's Colorado Monster Bull Brent Morrill Sep-24-12
Whopper Bull for Josh Josh Hekking Sep-24-12
Jerry's Awesome Smokepole Bull Jerry Knack Sep-24-12
Great Utah Stick-n-String Buck for Jerem... Jeremy Larson Sep-24-12
204 Gross Colorado Smokepole Muley Tuffbucker Sep-24-12
Bryce's 360 Oregon Bull Jeremy Verdan Sep-24-12
Good Looking Arizona Velvet Buck Jeff Row Sep-24-12
Northern Utah Buck for Randy Randy Pierson Sep-24-12
Alan's Eastern Utah Archery Muley Robert Copley Sep-24-12
Dandy High Country Trophy Buck Tyson Bradford Sep-24-12
Eastern New Mexico Trophy Buck Brandon Adkins Sep-24-12
Brian's Big Bull Brian Stroh Sep-24-12
Six Droptine Buck .... California Blackt... Brandon Cooke Sep-24-12
Brian's General Season Oregon Bull Brian Ronald Sep-24-12
Big Ole' New Mexico Archery Bull for Bra... Brandon Adkins Sep-24-12
Bowhunting Success for Tim Tim Laing Sep-24-12
370+ Utah Archery Monster Bull Skye Miller Sep-24-12
Archery Elk Hunting Success Jim Aksamit Sep-24-12
Jeremy's Northern Utah Archery Buck Jeremy Judkins Sep-24-12
Great Times in Colorado Jared Pena Sep-24-12
Sitka Blacktail Adventure Jason Yates Sep-24-12
Success On Day 1 for Derek Derek Haider Sep-24-12
Cortney's Utah Buck & Bull Success Cortney Madsen Sep-24-12
Sweet P&Y Typical Buck for Ken Cam Barlow Sep-24-12
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