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Home Page Photo Categories 2013 Shed Antler Contest
Photo Title Provide by: Date Posted
Robert's Idaho Shed Success (Contest Win... Robert King Jun-06-13
Huge Muley Set (Contest Winner!) Sam Rohrbacher Apr-18-13
Excellent Spring Entertainment for Luke ... Luke Carrick May-10-13
Awesome ATL Shot (Contest Winner!) Dave Metrovich Apr-18-13
Alaskan Shed Hunting Fun Scott Weatherspoon Jul-01-13
Sweet ATL Shots for Jaren Jaren Mccourt Jul-01-13
Great Times Hiking the Hills Kyle Audis Jul-01-13
Whopper Muley Set Antoinette Zamora Jul-01-13
A Whole Mess of Bone for Troy Troy Parrish Jul-01-13
Great Spring Finds for Kyle Kyle Ritter Jul-01-13
More Sheds for Shannon & Crew Shannon Ward Jul-01-13
Lots of Great Antlers for Kyle and Famil... Kyle Audis Jul-01-13
Jeremy's Biggest Elk Shed Ever Jeremy Quintana Jul-01-13
Good Times for Luke Luke Holguin Jul-01-13
Awesome Set of Elk Antlers Mark Wonenberg Jul-01-13
Massive Blacktail Antler for Troy Troy Parrish Jul-01-13
Big Bull Antler Andrew Rouse Jul-01-13
Lot More Big Stuff for Frank Frank Clause Jun-07-13
Pat's Year So Far..... Pat Rauch Jun-07-13
Elk Sheds for Kathy Kathy Sherman Jun-07-13
Big Muley Set Kade Purser Jun-06-13
Good Day Afield Mike Jun-06-13
Paul's Awesome 6x9 Elk Set Paul Zakora Jun-06-13
Nice Elk Shed for Ryan Ryan Hughes Jun-06-13
Jett's Utah Buck & Bull Sheds Jett Tims Jun-06-13
Elk Set for Sergio Sergio Jun-06-13
Good Times .... First Ever Shed Hunt Fred Jun-06-13
Big Elk Sheds hornkiller Jun-06-13
Couple Antlers for Mike Mike Devins Jun-06-13
Good Stuff for Brennon Brennon Jun-06-13
Fun for Casey and his Grandson Casey Middleton Jun-06-13
Bryson's 2013 Success Bryson Mackey Jun-06-13
Father/Son Shed Hunting Brian Evans Jun-06-13
Fine Elk Shed for Russell wyobackcountry Jun-06-13
Great Finds for Dan Dan Gabbard Jun-06-13
Big Arizona Elk Sheds for Blake Blake Owens Jun-06-13
Cool, Rare Big Buck Shed Find Daniel Cameron May-10-13
More Good Stuff for Frank Frank Clause May-10-13
Big Bull Elk Antlers for Brian Brian Evans May-10-13
Mitchell's Shed Season So Far... Mitchell Edington May-10-13
It's a Big Part of Life nebo May-10-13
Spring Fun for Dad and His Daughters Brandon Wilkins May-10-13
Great Set of Muley Antlers Jordie May-10-13
Big Buck and Bull Moose Sheds backpackin May-10-13
Elk Sheds and a Deadhead Muley NMPaul May-10-13
A Real Good Day of Hiking ridgetops May-10-13
Real Nice Deer Antlers sheeprocks May-10-13
Grandma's Sheds Miguel Maes May-10-13
Utah Bone for Denny Denny May-10-13
Big Muley Set for Andrew Andy Salgado May-10-13
Lots of Bone from Southwest New Mexico Canuto Molina May-10-13
Northern New Mexico Elk Antlers Mike Martinez May-10-13
Arizona Bone for Kyle Kyle Dutro May-10-13
Wyoming Fun for Justin Justin Gonzalez May-10-13
Nice Day Shed Hunting Jackie Hird May-10-13
More Bone Luke Luke Carrick Apr-18-13
Alberta Antler Hunting Fun for the Doyle... Liam Doyle Apr-18-13
Blacktail Shed & Deadhead for Josh Josh Schmalenberger Apr-18-13
A Great Day for Father & Son Jesse Isaac Apr-18-13
Fun and Success for Josh Josh Muir Apr-18-13
Great Deer Set for Dana Dana Smith Apr-18-13
Colorado Bulls And Bull Antlers Cory Calvert Apr-18-13
Luke's Doing Well Luke Wallace Apr-18-13
Shed Hunting Fun for John John Nielsen Apr-18-13
Unique Elk and Lots of Deer Antlers for ... Casey Nations Apr-18-13
Nice Success for Nathan Nathan Coombs Apr-18-13
Cool ATL Shot Jason Seegmiller Apr-18-13
Good Trip to Start the Year Off Brock Evans Apr-18-13
A Few Antlers for Mitchell and his Dad Mitchell Edington Apr-18-13
Utah Shed Hunting Fun for Shane and his ... Shane Apr-18-13
Washington Antler Hunting Fun Luke Carrick Apr-18-13
Wyoming Sheds for Justin Justin Gonzales Apr-18-13
Great Day for a Hike Josh Roy Apr-18-13
Lots of Antler for Brennon and Crew Brennon Apr-18-13
Tammy's Antler Hunting Success Brandon Miller Apr-18-13
80+ Deer Antlers Already Tracy Buehler Apr-18-13
What a load of bone! Matt Apr-18-13
Great Times in the Hills Kyle Apr-18-13
Cool Elk Antler for Alex Alex Ewert Apr-18-13
Fun Days Afield Wendy Owens Mar-21-13
Off to a Great Start! Mitchell Edington Mar-21-13