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Home Page Photo Categories 2014 Shed Antler Contest
Photo Title Provide by: Date Posted
Best ATL Buck Shed Winner! Blake Collins Jun-24-14
Best ATL Bull Shed Winner! Vic Martinez Jun-24-14
Biggest ATL Buck Shed Winner! Noah Wendland Jun-24-14
Biggest ATL Bull Shed Winner! Jeremy Quintana Jun-24-14
More Big Stuff for Vic Vic Martinez Jun-23-14
Much More Bone for Frank Frank Clause Jun-20-14
Shedding Graveyard Found Brian Evans Jun-20-14
Big Stuff from Southern Oregon Troy Parrish Jun-20-14
Elk Sheds & Awesome Ram Deadhead Frank Clause Jun-20-14
Couple Great Days in Utah Mike Truman Jun-20-14
Huge Set of Elk Antlers for Eric Eric Franklin Jun-20-14
Very Good Year for Tyler Tyler Lewis Jun-20-14
Cool Muley Deadhead Tom Lyle Jun-20-14
Big Bull Antler Robert Sanchez Jun-20-14
More for Frank..... Frank Clause Jun-02-14
Very Nice Stuff for Vic Vic Martinez Jun-02-14
Southern Colorado Elk Bone Jeremy Quintana Jun-02-14
Mike's New Mexico Bone Mike Martinez Jun-02-14
Kyle's Success in 2014 = Whopper Buck Se... Kyle Ritter Jun-02-14
More Antler for Kris Kris Martinez Jun-02-14
Lots of Good Stuff for Chase Chase Hanberg Jun-02-14
Brandon's Great Year in Colorado Brandon Booth Jun-02-14
Wyoming & New York Antlers for Kurt Kurt Carbone May-23-14
Another Great Score for Frank Frank Clause May-23-14
Dustin's Wyoming Antler Hunting Success Dustin Williams May-23-14
Whole Mess of Antler for Darren Darren Holden May-23-14
Great Times for Brandon & Rayann Brandon Wilkins May-23-14
Plenty of Big Stuff for Jeff Jeff Bullard May-23-14
Huge Roosevelt Bull Sheds for Troy Troy Parrish May-23-14
Great Bone for Mitch Mitch Edington May-23-14
Big Idaho Muley Antler Ryan Hughes May-23-14
Half Shed, Half Deadhead RenoHunter May-23-14
A Few Good Antlers for Kathy Kathy Sherman May-23-14
Saskatchewan Sheds for Jordie Jordie May-23-14
An Antler Score for Jaron Jaron Dansie May-23-14
Father/Son Shed Hunting Fun Denny Mangum May-23-14
Bryson's Deer & Elk Antlers Bryson Mackey May-23-14
New Mexico Trophy Antlers Canuto Molina May-16-14
Frank Keeps Adding to the Pile Frank Clause May-16-14
230-Inch Monster Muley Set for Noah Noah Wendland May-16-14
Scoring More Big Bone Brandon Wilkins May-16-14
Jeff's Biggest Elk Antler Ever Jeff Basagoitia May-16-14
Pat's Still Hitting It Hard Pat Rauch May-16-14
Awesome Wyoming Shed Hunting Trip Josh May-16-14
Neat Find for Tracy Tracy Beuhler May-16-14
New Mexico Fun for Richard & Derek Richard Vialpando May-16-14
Cool Deadhead Bighorn Brody Warnes May-16-14
Huge Elk Antlers for Adam & Bridger Adam Black May-16-14
Plenty of Wyoming Bone for Steve Steve Merritt May-16-14
Good Washington Elk Bone Sneena Brooks May-16-14
Kirby's Best Antlers = Big Elk Set Kirby Hornbeck May-16-14
Sweet Old Deadhead Bull Frank Clause May-16-14
Big Wyoming Antler for Clint and AJ Clint Sorensen May-16-14
Family Shed Hunting Fun Tino Vasque May-16-14
Great Year for Matthew in Nevada Matthew Noriega May-16-14
Good Day of Antler Hunting Justin Gonzales May-16-14
Lots of Antler for Daren Daren May-16-14
Great Stuff for Patrick Patrick Rauch Apr-25-14
Big, Cool Buck & Bull Bone for Luke Luke Wallace Apr-25-14
Denny's Utah Shed Hunting Fun Denny Mangum Apr-25-14
More Colorado Bone for Brandon Brandon Wilkins Apr-25-14
Colorado Antler Success for Kris Kris Martinez Apr-25-14
Justin's Awesome Oregon Elk Antlers Justin Paola Apr-25-14
Great Weekend in North Dakota Austin Musland Apr-25-14
Awesome Shed Success in Washington Luke Carrick Apr-14-14
Good Times in the Hills for Ted Ted Hubele Apr-14-14
And Even More Antlers for Frank Frank Clause Apr-14-14
Blake's 6x7 Muley Set Blake Collins Apr-14-14
Mitchell's 2014 Antlers....So Far Mitchell Edington Apr-14-14
Huge Muley Set for Scott Scott Apr-14-14
Plenty of Antlers for Billy Billy Steele Apr-14-14
Backcountry Elk Bone for Andy & Drew Andy Salgado Apr-14-14
Big Arizona Elk Sheds Conrad Mesquita Apr-14-14
Jarred's Whopper Deadhead Bull Jarred Michael Apr-14-14
More Fine Antlers for Justin Justin Gonzalez Apr-14-14
Lots of Idaho Bone for Ryan Ryan Kroon Apr-14-14
More Big Buck Sheds for Frank Frank Clause Mar-24-14
Great Wyoming Deer Sheds Justin Gonzalez Mar-24-14
Brendan & Waylon Score Brendan Mar-24-14
Frank's First Day Out Frank Clause Mar-24-14
Mitchell's New Mexico Antlers Mitchell Edington Mar-24-14
Northern California Bone Jordan Mar-24-14