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Photo Title Provide by: Date Posted
Big Oregon Sheds Mike Davidson Jun-01-07
Tyler's Colorado Muley Sheds Tyler Preszler Apr-24-07
Big Southern Utah Sheds Mike Noyes Mar-25-07
Road Kill Jeff Steele Mar-25-07
All In A Days Work (sheds) Mike Feb-23-07
Big Three Point Muley Dana Smith Feb-05-07
Big Idaho Mule Deer Sheds Justin Law Feb-02-07
Big Utah Sheds John Hannert Feb-02-07
Buck-n-Bull Sheds Austin Thompson Jan-02-07
Double Droptine Whitetail Skull Todd Compston Jan-02-07
Big Arizona Bull Sheds Zac Massey Jan-02-07
Awesome Antler Finds Dana Smith Dec-18-06
Ray's Huge Muley Shed Ray Lilley Dec-18-06
Bo's Washington Deer Skull Bo Overmyer Dec-01-06
A Great Day of Shed Hunting Johnny Parsons Oct-16-06
Lindsay's Trophy Muley Sheds Lindsay Woolstenhulm Sep-25-06
Trophy Muley Skull for Justin Justin Law Sep-25-06
Bringin' Home The Bone Russ Heap Sep-25-06
September Shed Hunting Success Ned Kelley Sep-25-06
Wes' Monster Shed Wes Spencer Aug-28-06
Jason's First Big Set of Elk Sheds Rick Nicolas Aug-08-06
Zachary's Colorado Sheds & Skull Zachary Aug-08-06
Michael's 2006 Sheds Michael Bost Aug-08-06
Brian & Loren's 2005 Sheds Brian & Loren Aug-08-06
Buck-n-Bull Sheds for Eric & Richard Richard Gonzalez Jul-18-06
Big Muley Sheds for Brian Brian Clark Jul-18-06
Big Bone for Ted & Matt (MM Hat & Decal ... Ted Hubele Aug-08-06
More Sheds for Billy Billy Steele Jul-03-06
Heavy, Extras Buck Shed Doug Riley Jul-03-06
Some Big Elk Sheds Ned Kelley Jul-03-06
Big Sheds & Skulls for Ron Ron Torpey Jun-16-06
Richard's Whitetail Sheds Richard Parrish Apr-13-06
Ted's Wyoming Whitetail Sheds Ted Hubele Apr-13-06
Brian's First Browny Brian DeRosa Mar-06-06
Whitetail Sheds for Richard Richard Parrish Mar-06-06
Ned's Big Sheds & Skulls Ned Kelley Feb-14-06
Big Elk Shed Jeff Koker Jan-30-06
Shed Hunting Addiction Blake Bennetts Dec-29-05
Huge Utah Bull Elk Sheds Cherie Kibel Dec-29-05
Sheds & Skulls for Matt Matt Morris Nov-29-05
Lots Of Sheds For Wes Wes Thomas Nov-29-05
Brian's Bull Elk Sheds & Skull Brian Derosa Nov-29-05
Big Colorado Muley Bone Matt Cool Oct-30-05
More Monster Bull Sheds for Wes Wes Spencer Oct-14-05
365 Bull Elk Skull Chad Doyle Sep-26-05
Mike's B.C. Trophy Buck Sheds Mike Burns Sep-12-05
Huge Arizona Sheds & Skulls Dana Smith Aug-10-05
Ladd's Buck & Bull Finds Ladd Darley Mar-30-05
430 Manitoba Bull Elk Sheds Brandi Sagness Mar-02-05
Big Whitetail Sheds for Cuevas Cuevas Winegeart Mar-02-05
Bucks & Buck Sheds Brett Amundsen Mar-02-05
Shed Hunting Success Chad Marriott Jan-26-05
Northern Utah Sheds Sean Coombs Jan-13-05
Noel's Trophy Whitetail Sheds Noel Winegeart Jan-14-05
Ram & Buck Skulls Derek Bech Dec-10-04
Sheds from the Badlands Joel Opp Dec-10-04
Huge Buck & Bull Sheds Josh Epperson Oct-20-04
David's Heavy Muley Shed David Kendall Oct-19-04
Big Sheds John Zabreznik Sep-12-04
Big Utah Bull Sheds Chris Munford Sep-10-04
The Useful Shed Antler Mike Davison Jul-07-04
One Big Whitetail Shed Ron Reineke Jul-21-04
Sean's Big Muley Sheds Sean Coombs Jul-21-04
370+ Matched Set Elk Sheds Brian Evans Jul-21-04
A Fight to the Death Scott Sheward Jun-18-04
Jeremiah's Colorado Whitetail Skull Jeremiah Arnold Jun-06-04
New Mexico Monster Muley Jerry Gonzales May-20-04
The Crater Lake Bull Cory George May-04-04
Amy's Sheds Amy Donaldson Feb-06-04
One Big Bad Shed Dave Fenstemacher Dec-16-03
One Big Shed Ben Hegemann Oct-17-03
Super Elk Sheds Brian Evans Sep-12-03
Shed Hunting Success!! Dale Bagley Aug-04-03
J.J. & Dan's Scouting Find Dan Ritchie Jul-15-03
Big Sheds! Mike Longtin Jul-02-03
209 Gross 13x12 Pickup Steve Dana Jul-02-03
A Great Shed Hunt Jeff Hansen Jun-14-03
Jason's AZ Shed Hunting Trip Jason Schmidt May-20-03
Blair's First Shed Mel Richardson Apr-16-03
Hawg Heaven! Ronnie Hegemann Apr-16-03
310 New Mexico Elk Sheds Josh Epperson Feb-18-03
Ronnie's Awesome Sheds Ronnie Hegemann Nov-14-02
Backcountry Shed Hunting for Bucksnort Jason Schmidt Nov-14-02
Mart's Antler Find Mart Tardif Aug-31-02
Conrad's 320 B&C Bull Find Conrad Sheley Aug-31-02
Larry's Trophy Muley Sheds (T-shirt Winn... Larry Mower Aug-01-02
Wyoming Monster Sheds Mike Hawkins Mar-01-02
The Sheds of Andre James Crank Jan-31-02
A Great Find Zach Long Jan-15-02
Shed Hunting is Fun Too! James Crank Jan-15-02
British Columbia Monster Sheds Steve Dana Nov-30-01
A Great Find William Mullican Nov-08-01
What A Shed Hunt! David Rogers Aug-31-01
A Family Shed Hunt Brian Latturner Jun-29-01
Northern Utah Shed Hunting Ladd Darley Jun-29-01
Van's Amazing Discovery Van Clark Jun-28-01
What the Lion's left for Troy Troy Spradley Jun-28-01
Idaho Lion Kills Troy Spradley Jun-27-01
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