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Legends of
the Fall III

Legends of the Fall III

Idaho's Greatest Whitetails

Idaho's Greatest Elk
When you open Idaho's Greatest Whitetails, be prepared to be amazed and overwhelmed. The Gem State has produced some of the biggest and most spectacular whitetails west of the Mississippi, and this collectible book allows you to see them all together in their finest form. With great stories and many first-person accounts, you'll hear how they were taken - often in exciting, harrowing, and completely unexpected ways.

This book follows Idaho's Greatest Mule Deer and Idaho's Greatest Elk as the third book in an ongoing series that will eventually capture a signature amount of Idaho's big game hunting Whitetails is the definitive book on Idaho whitetail hunting history and heritage.

Included within these 350-plus are:

* Nearly 500 full-color photos of Idaho's most amazing trophy whitetails.
* Sections on Idaho's greatest non-typical and typicals.
* A completely analysis of where Idaho's Boone and Crockett-class whitetails come from, as well as past and current trends.
* A special field photo section.
* Some of the Idaho's most spectacular shed antlers.

Book Price: $19.95

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