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Bull Busters 2

MossBack Bull Busters 2

Extreme Bulls 6
Mountain Madness 1

The Legend Continues...

The Legend Continues....
The Legends continue with MossBack, come along with Will and Heather Farrar hunting the biggest bulls and bucks in Utah over 60 days, in killing 2 animals. 2 giant mulies harvested off of Antelope Island with Denny Austad and Jeff Carlisle, bucks from 218 to 247. Then south to Arizona with MossBack teaming up with Tory Brock Guide Service and hunters, Gilbert Adams and Robert Kay as they hunt for the biggest bucks in the world this year. And many more great trophies of elk, deer and big game, even the boss lady Caryn Moss hunts for a trophy goat.

60 minutes

Price $8.00