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Bull Busters 2

MossBack Bull Busters 2

Extreme Bulls 6
Mountain Madness 1

The Elk Hunter Series
Vol. I - Planning for Success
Instructional DVD

The Elk Hunter Series (Vol. 1)
Join Jay Houston, author of the best selling books Elk Hunting 101, Elk Hunting 201, & Elk Hunting 301 and national conference speaker as he takes you into the heart of elk country and shares some of the critical secrets that he and others have used successfully for years. Unlike most hunting videos, The Elk Hunter Series is a true Instructional DVD developed to teach hunters of all levels "how to" become more successful elk hunters.

How To:
* Do Your Homework
* Increase Your Odds for Success
* Avoid Going Home Empty Handed
* Use the Weather to Your Advantage
* Choosing the Right Camo
* Understanding Bull & Cow Behavior

Available in DVD Only

DVD Price: $5.00