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"North Dakota Archery Success"
Written by Jared "J-Rod" Bloomgren
Team UOA - Pro Staff

North Dakota Archery Success
After returning from my Wyoming elk hunt where I harvested a great 370" class bull, I found myself on my way to North Dakota to do some spot and stalk hunting for a mature mule deer buck. It was the evening of September 6th as I left my truck and began the trek to find a shooter buck. I had hunted this particular area the year before and knew that there were some good bucks that made it through last years season. Once I found a vantage point that I liked I began to glass the underlying land.

I had only been glassing a short time when I found a buck that I wanted to take a closer look at. It was so hard to tell just how big he was a more than a mile. Some time later I crawled to the top of another vantage point and got a good look at the buck. He was a 5x7 that had some unique characteristics; his rack was different in many ways. I decided that this was the buck that I wanted. I quickly put a stalk together, but was unable to connect with the buck; he fed out of the area.

I decided to back off after that, as I didn't want to spook him anymore that day. I returned the next morning to find the buck again. Another failed ambush attempt had me searching for the buck yet again. The coyotes just wouldn't let me close the deal, they ruined my ambush and sent the bachelor group of bucks on their way. Much to my surprise there was a buck with him on the second day that would score better. Now which one would I try to go after?

I was able to relocate them again about two hours later and made a successful stalků.well, for the most part. It only put me 90 yards away from the unknowing bucks. I watched as they fed away after they ran out of shade. I tracked them for about a mile before they bedded down again on a sidehill. This would allow me to get a shot from above, but the angle and distance may be too great.

I gave it a try........about an hour later I was just above the bucks. I had to belly crawl to get to where I wanted to shoot from, but would it be enough? I got there and ranged the bucks. 65 yards........but at such an extreme angle I had to aim as if it was a 50 yard shot. Now which buck do I want?......I decided that the buck I set my mind on the night before would be the one I would be happier with.

I collected myself and drew back, settled the pin, and watched as the arrow found its' mark!! The buck went a short distance before piling up!! What a hunt! I passed on this buck the year prior and thank goodness I did. His rack took on some irregular growth and added a few inches making him a truly unique animal!!

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Click-a-Pic ... Details & Bigger Photos

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