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"A Fun Muley Hunt"
Written by Kaylyn Cooley

A Fun Muley Hunt
The 2006 hunting season in Washington was very successful for the Cooley family. I was hunting with my husband, Jeff, over looking open sagebrush land all morning. We didn't see a single deer, even though we had seen two bucks and a doe a couple of days earlier while scouting.

At about noon, we decided that I would sit on an elevated hump which looked over a small draw, which is an escape path from their bedding area, while my husband pushed through the bedding area.
I got into position and ready with my husband's rifle which was his granddad's while Jeff made his way about a mile around the back side of the bedding area. It seemed like it to an eternity for him to carefully maneuver into position to start his push.
One of his coworkers had seen a buck during blackpowder season that he had called "The Big Buck" which had eluded him the last two days of the season.

I was sitting there watching the small draw waiting to see a buck or Jeff come into my draw when all of a sudden I saw a flash of horns come over the horizon about hundred and fifty yards away for only a split second. My heart started racing, as my mind started playing tricks on me. I again saw the buck come into my field of vision at about a hundred yards and it was then that I realized just how big the buck was. The buck ran straight up the bottom of the draw towards me, so I got my gun ready and watched the buck disappear behind some sagebrush at sixty yards. I put the scope just to the left of the sagebrush and waited for the buck to come out and when he did, I put the crosshairs behind his front shoulder and pulled the trigger. The buck immediately disappeared out of my sight. I waited until Jeff came into to view where the buck had appeared and directed him to the place where I had shot.

All I heard was happy words coming out of his mouth, as I made my way to him and saw my magnificent trophy. It is safe to say that I am now hooked on deer hunting with Jeff for the rest of my life. What a trophy to share with the one that you love.

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Click-a-Pic ... Details & Bigger Photos

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