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"Stick-n-String Fun"
Written by 14 year old, Remington Grace

Stick-n-String Fun
My dad and I had been watching a real nice 3-point buck for about a week before the hunt, along with many other nice bucks. We watched him every morning and evening until opening day arrived.

On opening day, I chased a really nice 4-point around and even took a shot, but missed my mark. I was a bit disappointed in myself for missing because I had been practicing all year and then blew it with a miss….but that's hunting.

I continued my hunt from a blind we setup in the field that the nice 3-point had been visiting in the evenings and mornings. We sat it every evening after my dad got off work. We were seeing lots of deer too, but they just weren't big enough to shoot. Then, one night the big buck came out about 100 yards down the fence line and he was a lot bigger than I had originally thought.
Ready with my Mathews bow, I waited for him to feed closer. Unfortunately, he fed for about 10 minutes and went back into the draw, that's when I figured out that was the buck I wanted.

As the hunt progressed I grew eager to take another shot. Every evening a little 2-point would come out and he was starting to get harder to pass up. He would come out and stand at 10 yards for what seemed like hours and every night that big 3-point would come out at 100 yards, feed for 10 minutes and go back into the draw. After a week, I decided to try sneaking in on the bigger buck. But, that plan failed.

Two days later, while at home doing homework, we got a call from one of our friends saying, "The big buck is about 50 yards from your blind!" Sure enough we go down there and the one night we don't sit in the blind he's right next to it. By now this deer is driving both me and my dad nuts. My dad said, "I'm going to go get the other blind and set up where he usually comes out.

Stick-n-String Fun
The next day we returned to the blinds. It had been 20 minutes when that big 3-point came out 50 yards away. I was freaking out because the biggest buck me or my dad has ever shot with a bow was standing there feeding at only 50 yards!

I settled myself down for the shot. I drew back, put my fifty yard pin right behind his shoulder and shot. I swear that arrow took forever to get to him, but it flew perfectly and hit right where I was aiming. The buck jumped 8 feet in the air when it hit him. There was no question whether it was a good hit or a bad hit, it dug into his shoulder and there was no being quiet after that. I was scream'n and yell'n as he ran 10 feet past the blind.

I jumped out of the blind hooping and hollering so loud I think all of Emery County heard me. My dad and I instantly knew I had my buck. We could run and follow the blood trail and about 80 yards from where I shot him we saw the horns. That's when I didn't know what to do, I just lost it. What excitement!

We measured him at 24 inches wide, 23 inches tall, and 160 gross. We will have him officially scored and put in the pope and young record book. After seeing hours of video of him and hours of sitting in the blind, I had finally got my trophy.

Click-a-Pic ... Details & Bigger Photos

Click-a-Pic ... Details & Bigger Photos

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