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"A Great Day Afield"
Written by John Barclay

A Great Day Afield
Scotty's Buck
It was friday morning and Scotty and I headed out for a long day of hunting. We didn't have any particular place in mind, we just wanted to hunt all day. On our first drive, we only saw a few deer and never got a shot at any of the bucks. So, we headed out for the next canyon. We had about an hour to kill before my wife was supposed to be there with lunch, so we decided to push some tree's while we waited.

Scotty went to one end and pushed towards Lee Cox and I. Scotty walked all the way through those tree's without seeing anything until he got about 50 yards away from Lee and I, and then he saw a buck hiding in the tree's. He made a great shot and the buck didn't go far. It is a 24-inch 4-point.

Shortly thereafter, my wife showed up with lunch and we relaxed until we were ready to hit it hard again. We went to a little different spot not too far away and started a push. Scott went on one end, Lee stayed in the middle on the top of a cliff overlooking the terrace we were pushing, and I went to the far end. My area was just one big boulder field, I couldn't even walk on the ground I was jumping boulder to boulder.

A Great Day Afield
John's Buck I had only been walking for about 2 minutes when I stopped and looked off the edge of a cliff out over an aspen filled valley. I spotted there for about five minutes and then started to jump my way along again. I jumped about three times and climbed down to a small trail and walked between to very large boulders. Just as I passed behind them I heard a sound. I ran to the other side to see a brute of a buck running across the side hill under the cliffs above me. I pulled my gun up and waited a split second until he stopped jumping and started trotting and I put my sights on his shoulder and squeezed the trigger...down he went!

I'm so excited about this buck. I don't have an official score, but I measured him myself and he's 27-1/2 inches wide and 29 inches tall. There are lots of ways to measure on weird angles, but that's just the straight up welder measurements."

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Click-a-Pic ... Details & Bigger Photos

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