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Backpacking Gear List
By Brian Latturner (

When it comes to assembling lists of gear for hunts, scouting, or just your outdoor adventures, a little help can sometimes help you avoid leaving home without something you really need. Here's a list of gear I take on my summer backpacking trips, plus an extended list of items that I take on backpack and/or horse pack in trips. The list also has many items linked to Amazon, Black Ovis, or Camp Saver where you can find great deals on any of the gear you need to purchase. Some items you might find you don't need, but I listed the things I take on my trips that help make the trips more comfortable. Hopefully the list comes in handy for you. Email me if you notice that I left anything off that I (and others) should be adding to the load.

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  Hiking Shoes/Boots (waterproofed)
  Low Gaiters
  Good Socks (plus extras)
  Non-Cotton Underwear (plus extras)
  Lightweight Pants & Belt
  Lightweight Shirt
  Lightweight Leather Palm Gloves
  Hat with Brime
  Trekking Poles
  Cell Phone
  Phone Charger Cable & Battery Pack
  Leatherman Multi-Tool
  Sleeping Bag
  Sleep Pad(s)
  Fuel Canister(s)
  Matches & Lighter
  Pan for Heating Water
  Fork & Spoon
  Drinking Cup
  Water Bladder/Bottles/Jug
  Backpacker Food/Snacks/Coffee/Sweetner/etc
  Paper Towels
  Toilet Paper
  Shirt/Pant Base Layer
  Thermal Shirt
  Gloves (heavier for warmth)
  Garbage Bag
  12-15 ft. of Paracord
  Mole Skin
  Duct Tape (small amount)
  Bug Repellent Wipes
  (2) Headlamps
  Extra Batteries for Headlamp
  Toothbrush and Paste
  Band-Aids (just a few)
  Baby Wipes (a few for cleaning up)
  Spotting Scope
  Camera & Extra Battery
  Digiscoping Adapter
  Camp Chair
  Optics Lens Cleaning Wipes

Gear I Take On Some Trips, Not All

  Plastic Drop Cloth to Cover Tent in Storm
  A Few Small Ziplock Baggies
  Water Filter or Tablets
  Better Raingear

Gear For The Hunts and/or with Horses

  Hunting License / Tag
  Rifle or Bow
  Ammo or Arrows
  Skinning & Boning Knife
  Deer Bag
  Latex Gloves
  Extra Plastic Bags
  Additional Warm Clothes
  Saddle Bags
  Long Ropes for Horses
  Saddles, Bridles, Panyards
  Extra Plastic for Covering Tent/Gear
  Extra Fuel for Drying Clothes
  Required Orange Gear
  Face Camo
  Two-way Radio
  Small Hand Saw
  Scent Killer

Forum Member Recommended Gear Additions

  Maps / Aerial Images
  SPOT Satellite Messenger
  Unscented Liquid Soap
  Cloth Towel
  Flip Flops / Sandels
First Aid / Survival Gear
  Sun Glasses
  Shooting Sticks
  Ear Plugs
  Knife Sharpener / Extra Knife Blades
  Horse Hobbles

Click-a-Pic ... Details & Bigger Photos

Click-a-Pic ... Details & Bigger Photos

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