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"29-1/2" Wide Oregon Muley"
Photo provided by: Clayton Cieloha

Clayton Cieloha writes, "I took this beauty last year on public land in eastern Oregon, an area my grandparents started hunting in the early 40's. It was the last day of our hunt and my partner and I were traveling from one area to another to make a hunt when something on the hillside above us caught my eye. I had no idea how big this animal was, only that it was a shooter buck a little more than 500 yards away. Knowing the limitations of my ability to shoot my model 722 Remington .257 Roberts, I decided that I had better try to stalk this animal. So we started our hunt to intercept on terrain requiring hands and knees. After a good 15-20 minutes of heavy breathing and sweat, I see him 100 yards above me broadside. I made a great shot and down he went, by far the biggest buck I've ever put in my crosshairs was laying in front of me, and I'm standing there with a grin on my face I still get every time I talk about it!"

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