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"16 Year Quest for a Big Bull Moose Ends"
Photo provided by: Shawn Medlen

Shawn Medlen writes, "After 16 years of putting in I finally drew my Wyoming moose tag. We had hunted for a solid 2 weeks archery season and my main goal was to harvest a bull in archery season. After seeing more bulls than I could keep track of and countless spot and stalks and a couple really nice bulls that I got into shooting range, but was unable to seal the deal, I finally managed to harvest this bull last day of archery season. We had spotted this bull out in a tiny willow patch out in the middle of miles of sage brush feeding. When we decided he was a nice bull I slipped down below him at 300 yards and found a little hill side to hide behind while I started to cow call. As soon as I started calling, I could tell their was no stopping this bull from coming in. As I was laying down in the sage brush calling I saw the bull's horns start to rise over the knob coming in on a string. With my arrow knocked and me waiting for the right opportunity to draw on him, he walked to the edge of the old creek bank and stood their looking for his mate. I got to my knees and drew back and let my arrow release, as my arrow made contact that bull let out a big grunt. He looked at me, lowered his head and came charging at me. With me setting out in the middle of 8" sage brush, their wasn't much I could do, so I stood up and yelled at this angry bull. He stopped about 15 to 20 yards from me as the blood was pumping out the exit wound and headed for the willow patch where he bedded down as soon as he hit the patch. By far the most exciting and unforgettable hunt that I've been on. These memories will last forever."

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