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"Dave's Colorado Big Buck-n-Bull"
Photo provided by: Dave Maes

What a great year of Colorado hunting that Dave Maes had in 2016. He scored big.

Dave writes, "The buck was a 3rd season no point draw unit that I had been hunting in for years. My father and I have killed many bucks in this unit before, just nothing of this caliber. Got lucky on the 3rd day, being in the right place at the right time and was able to make about a 450 yard shot on him with my .270 win. There were about 15 head of deer with him and a second smaller buck that my father was able to harvest also. He's an 11x8 and scored in around 190".

The elk was a late season (Jan) trophy hunt that I used my preference points to obtain. After glassing and driving around all day, we finally spotted two bulls together and was able to take him with one shot from my .338 win mag on opening day. Thank god I was able to take him opening day because a snow storm rolled through for the rest of the season and dropped over 3' in the area I was hunting in. He's a 5x6 but rough scored around 320". Had an exceptional year that will definitely be hard to beat. True trophies of a lifetime."

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