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"Rhett's Fine Bull, His First"
Photo provided by: Kyle McCarthy

Kyle McCarthy writes, "Me and my son (Rhett) have been very blessed to be able to hunt together since he was about 6 years old and have been pretty successful, but he always had to watch dad make the shot. This was Rhett's first year being behind the scope. We both knew the area we hunt and also know that the chances for success for bull elk are very, very low. Well, not this year! Opening day we saw a bull but he couldn't get a shot. Day two my daughter had joined us and she missed a real nice bull. Day three was Rhett's last day for the week. He made the decision to go into an area he really thought would be a good spot and always has. Low and behold we see this bull with 4 cows about 350 yards out. Boy I was so excited I couldn't stop shaking. As I was trying to keep him calm and focus on the shot, all he said was "calm down dad I'm on him" and "bang", he made a perfect 307 yard shot right to the boiler. I couldn't believe my eyes when the bull dropped. I've never been so emotional on a hunt. I was 30 years old when I shot my first bull and here my young man had just taken a beautiful 5x6 bull as his first big game kill. Three weeks prior I had shot this antelope with him and this hunt capped off our unbelievable 2016 hunting season and it will be one we both will never forget."

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