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"Fantastic Wyoming Muley"
Photo provided by: Scott Haas

Here's a big buck that Scott Haas took in 2014 as he hunted north of Lusk, Wyoming.

Scott writes, "We spotted two muley bucks about mile and half away and decided to go after them. We actually stalked past them so we could come back with the wind in our faces. We found them about three drainage gullies over. One was laying down facing us and this big one with the mass was feeding with his back to us. We had to belly crawl about twenty yards to get through the high grass and on the flat side of our hill. I ranged the deer and they were right at 190 yards away.
Russ, my ranch foreman/guide, said take the one on the left, the one standing. Once he quartered away I let my heart calm down and took a deep breath and exhaled and let the shot go. He dropped like a sack of potatoes. The other buck (lower photo running off) was a really nice high wide buck also, he just didnít have the mass. It was an awesome experience and I love Wyoming. Heís on the wall in my game room."

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