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"Tammy's Wyoming Archery Bull Success"
Photo provided by: Tammy Severeide

Tammy Severeide writes, "My husband and I located this bull on opening day of the Wyoming archery season on National Forest. We had scouted the drainage earlier in the summer and had a good feeling that they would be there. This big herd bull was running a dozen or so cows and there were at least two smaller satelite bulls. We didn't really get to hunt him for several days, but were able to locate him in the timber that evening we went in. We got set up with Cory calling behind me. I continued to move closer and was well within range of my Hoyt Razor Tech two or three times, but could never get a good look at him. He finally made a mistake when he came out to turn back a cow. Without a range finder I instantly judged the big bull to be just over 50 yards. He lunged forward with a surprised bugle, and ran about 20 yards up the hill before looking back to see what just poked him in the ribs.
Taking a few more steps he disappeared behind a clump of brush, then we heard branches breaking and could see a tree waving back and forth. I asked Cory how big he was and he said "I don't know I never saw any horns". That was interesting because I hadn't either. I knew he was the herd bull but, had no idea just how big he really was until we recovered him with a flashlight 30 minutes later. His horns are so dark, and in the fading light in the timber we could never make out the tremendous 385 inch typical frame that this big bull was racking around."

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