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"Trevor's Northern Utah Buck"
Photo provided by: Trevor Mortenson

This fine 23-inch, 4x5 buck was harvested by Trevor Mortenson in northern Utah.
Trevor writes, "I went up after school with a friend on the face in hopes of getting him a small buck. After scaring does out of four or five draws, we came around the ridge to the site of this buck on the opposite side of the draw
about 150 yards away. I saw he was a decent buck, larger than the one I had shot the previous year, so I decided to shoot.
The first shot missed causing the buck to stop and look over towards us, after four shots the buck retreated around the ridge which at that point I had a chance to realize my gun was sighted in at 350 yards, causing me to miss high.
A few secconds later, I heard a shot from the draw my buck retreated to. At that point, I ran down the hill and up the other side in a drastic hurry to see if the deer had been shot.
I came around the corner and saw a hunter walking up the draw bottom. I took advantage of that and hurried up the ridge to position for a shot. Sure enough, he brushed out the buck I had shot at on the prevous ridge. Getting stable and trying not to rush my shot, I took aim and squoze off a shot with a positive result."

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