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"A Big Wyoming Buck"
Photo provided by: Allen Patz

Allen Patz writes, "My father and I were out for a typical day of ranch work on the ranch. We had only been out for about two hours fixing fence and checking on cows. Nothing to exciting, except it was the middle of deer season and we had two tags to fill. As we drove across a large grease wood flat to check a herd of cows, we spotted this monster walking across to the resevoir on the other side. We were unsure of exactly how big he really was because he was a good distance off, but we had a plan.

We drove around to the resevoir and set up on a hill side above it hoping to catch him comming in to water. The group of bucks he was with appeared almost as soon as we arrived, but he was nowhere to be seen. I was trying to convince my father who is recovering from a broken hip to just give up when he walked out. My dad didn't waste any words, but instead just pulled the trigger and dropped this buck almost in his tracks. It was about a 100 yard shot and dead on the money, my dad rarely misses. Of course, all the cleaning and dragging were left to me, but I ddin't mind. My father had just harvested the largest buck of his 45 years of hunting. The buck has a 28" spread and 7" bases. He weighed nearly 350 pounds gutted. He was a hog!"

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