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"Ben's Brute"
Photo provided by: Ben Walter

Ben Walter, aka wyomingben, harvested this beast.

Ben writes, "He was one of those big plains bucks you know are out there and can never find. I saw him last year antelope hunting. He was skylined on a ridge one evening with the same amount of light in the jeep pic. It was very far away and even with my 20x80 binos all I could tell was he was big. With that vision in my head for the past year, I made sure I had a deer tag along on my antelope hunt this year.

We were traveling along about two in the afternoon in the area looking for antelope and maybe deer. It was very hot, dry, and windy. There was not a tree within 5 miles. The cattle in the area were holding tight to the very few and far between stock tanks. We passed through a gate, I put my binos up to my eyes to a random view of the prairie as Michelle closed the gate. Without having to move my binos, I luckily pointed them right at a doe bedding down under a large sagebush, with further investigation there where 1, 2, 3 more.
In fear of being detected we drove to a spot that was out of there sight. Not thinking there was a big buck in there, we took our time, ate a sandwich before putting a sneak on.

We were able to get within 75 yards of the bedded deer, they were so well camouflaged you could barely make them out being that close with your naked eye. Still not seeing a buck, we inched closer. Then, all of the sudden, the does became nervous and jumped up. Then it seems the whole draw exploded with deer, at least 30 deer tore up the hillside, I keyed in on this buck, missed my first two shots. After the two shots they were really moving, my third shot was very lucky and found it's mark at a very long distance, thank god for bipods!
It was amazing the way they hid themselves, we would have drove right by them at 200 yards and never knew they where there. Prairie deer are hiders, not runners. It was total luck, I have been lucky to kill five deer of this size all on public land.

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