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"Randy's Ruttin' Buck"
Photo provided by: Randy Simkins

Randy Simkins writes, "My dad and I had been hunting hard for four days. We had seen over 45 bucks at this point and the biggest deer were one whitetail and one mule deer that were both 5x5's, but just were not what we were looking for.
Finally, we saw some mule deer does in a public walk-in area. So we decided since the rut was in full swing, we better go see if there was a buck with them and boy were we glad we did. We creeped over a bald ridge to find the does again and when we found them we only had to watch for a few seconds and this huge 7x7 buck came out of a little draw. With nothing to rest the rifle on, I just steadied myself the best I could and the shot was good. He never knew what happened, which is the way a beautiful buck like this deserves to be taken. This buck has lots of mass and long points. The only thing he is missing is more width, but I'm not complaining."

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