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"Montana Bucks for the Sutton's"
Photo provided by: Jeremiah Sutton

Here's a couple nice bucks that Jeremiah and Steven Sutton took while on their annual November hunting trip in Montana.
Jeremiah writes, "Both deer were taken on the same day, which made it special seeing as my brother and I only see each other once a year and that is on our hunting trip. I had hunted hard for 10 days passing on at least 30 different bucks. Finally, on day 10 I had stalked within 50 yards of a nice 4 point trailing does. I judged the deer for about 15 minutes when I decided he wasn’t big enough to harvest. I watched the deer for a while longer hoping a bigger buck would smell the hot does and show himself. After watching the deer for another 15 minutes, I had something tell me to look up the mountain, and there was my buck coming down a game trail. The first thing I noticed was his large front forks. At this time, I glassed him for a couple minutes or so and decided he was the deer I wanted. I continue side hilling on the trail until he was directly above me. He was 80 yards when I squeezed the trigger. The buck dropped in his tracks. After 10 days of still hunting through a foot and a half of snow and countless miles up and down the continental divide, I was pleased with the buck I harvested."

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