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"Shawn's First Archery Bull"
Photo provided by: Shawn Harman

Shawn Harman writes, "It was mid-September in the mountains of northeastern Oregon. The mornings were cool and the afternoons were warm. This evening the sound of bull elk bugling filled the evening air.
My hunting partners, Shawn Chittim and Jarred Davis, were with me on an action packed evening of elk hunting.
After working a herd of elk for nearly an hour, it was looking as if the bulls were not quite going to accommodate us. As Shawn and Jarred circled the herd, to try and get in front of them, I headed around below them.
After only walking about 150 yards, my eyes caught sight of a cow and calf walking up a drainage. After further inspection, I could see tips of antlers from a bush in the drainage. So, the stalk was on.
As I made my way about another 50 yards, I could finally see the bull feeding. He, by no means, was the big one, but a trophy for sure in my eyes as a first-time archery elk hunter.
I made my way another 30 yards to a tree, which was as close as I could get. I pulled out my Leica rangefinder and ranged the bull at 85 yards. Knowing that was out of my range, I waited for the bull to make the next move. After about 5 minutes (which felt like hours), the bull turned and came right at me.
When he hit 35 yards, and I knew that he was as close as he was going to get, I drew back my Mathews bow and let the arrow take flight.
The arrow made its way right where I was aiming and 55 yards later, I was admiring my first archery bull elk.
Thanks Shawn and Jarred!!"

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