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"Kevin's 236+ Monster Muley"
Photo provided by: Kevin Faddis

Kevin Faddis write, "My First Monster Muley in 12 Years of Hunting Colorado!

In the late afternoon of November 17, 2005, my wife and I were out for an evening hunt, when she noticed through the scruboak in the distance what she thought was three bulls. So, I glassed them an in my amazement "I said they have horns like elk, but they are three MONSTER MULEYS chasing does"! We proceeded towards them closing the gap to 200 yards, carefully glassing them again to see which was the biggest buck. The does were getting nervous and started to move off through the oakbrush, and the bigger buck which I estamated to be a 40 incher, moved off with the doe, leaving behind the two remaining bucks which were 30-35 inchers. Then, I decided to take the bigger buck of the two remaining. I settled in for the shot and to my amazement, I missed clean. My wife said "oh my gosh he is still standing there frozen", so I chambered another shell in my 338 Win Mag and took a deep breath and squeezed the trigger, driving him backwards to the ground. My wife said "I think you got him that time babe". I said to my wife, "After 12 years of hunting in Colorado I finally harvested a MONSTER TROPHY!" The buck grosses 236-7/8 B&C!"

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