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"A Fine Wyoming Muley for Trevor"
Photo provided by: Trevor Martin

Trevor Martin writes, "It was the first day of hunting season during my first year of hunting! We went about six miles away from my house on my grandpa's summer range! My mom and I walked to a opening where my dad told me to sit and watch as he and my brother pushed the grove beside us. We had seen a few does and fawns come out and go across the opening into the grove of pine trees, then he stepped into the opening and stopped to look back into the grove of pines and quakes. I took my dad's 7mm off saftey pulled it up and took aim, then doing as my dad had told me I took a breath in then let all the air out and pulled the trigger! The buck flipped foward and then got back up and crawled a few feet back towards the grove, then tried to get up again and stumbled down a slight incline and died. I shot him in the shoulder and he went down with only one shot. He is 23 inches wide and is 5x5."

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